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In a report named United States Smart Home Market: Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity, and Forecast 2022-2030,” issued recently by Renub Research, market share insights are incorporated along with detailed industry analysis. The analysis of competitors and growth for United States smart home market is also enclosed in the report.

Between 2022 and 2030, the United States smart home market will grow at a CAGR of 11.85%. Nowadays, the push for sustainable living and reduced energy consumption fuels the appeal of smart homes, making them a prominent trend in the modern housing market. Moreover, the demand for smart homes in the United States is surging as homeowners seek increased convenience, energy efficiency, and security. Integration of voice-controlled assistants, smart thermostats, lighting, security cameras, and automated appliances has become essential. The desire for remote monitoring and control via smartphones is driving adoption. With the growing Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, consumers are embracing interconnected devices that enhance daily living.

Household energy management is receiving increased attention in order to incorporate more sustainable energy resources. Furthermore, due to rising energy prices and increased demand, homes must become more energy efficient in order to reduce their energy costs. With the help of the Home Energy Management System (HEMS), energy management services for effective monitoring and management of electricity generation, power conservation, and energy storage techniques are being developed for smart homes. So, United States Smart Home Market will value about US$69.97 Billion by 2030.

Companies in the market have been concentrating on improving food recognition and incorporating it into kitchen applications such as full-size ovens and refrigerators. The bulk of trade shows over the past few years have witnessed the existence of ABB Limited, Emerson Electric Co., Siemens AG, and other upcoming businesses in the smart home market, initiating concepts such as control over blinds and lights from a mobile device without the demand for extra wiring, remote monitoring of a stovetop, and combining AI into appliances for directions.

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Energy management stands as the fastest growing segment in the US smart home market due to its profound impact on sustainability and cost savings.

As energy prices rise and environmental concerns grow, consumers are looking for ways to gain more control over their energy consumption. Smart home energy management systems offer a simple platform for monitoring, regulating, and optimizing energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings. Furthermore, the growing use of renewable energy sources such as solar panels necessitates efficient energy distribution and storage, fueling demand for smart energy solutions. With the ease of remote access via smartphones and the seamless integration of devices such as smart thermostats and connected appliances, energy management is not only becoming a practical choice but also aligning with an eco-conscious mindset.

Application – United States Smart Home Market has been covered from six viewpoints.


  1. Comfort & Lighting
  2. Control & Connectivity
  3. Energy Management
  4. Home Entertainment
  5. Security
  6. Smart Appliances


Smart speakers have asserted dominance in the United States smart home market owing to their multifunctionality and user-friendly interface.

Serving as a central hub for various smart devices, smart speakers integrate seamlessly into daily routines, offering voice-controlled convenience for tasks ranging from information retrieval to home automation. The appeal of hands-free operation, coupled with the growing popularity of virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, has accelerated their adoption. Moreover, their affordable price points make them an accessible entry point into the smart home ecosystem. The ever-expanding ecosystem of compatible smart devices, including lights, thermostats, and security cameras, smart speakers offer an all-in-one solution that resonates with consumers seeking convenience and efficiency.

Product – United States Smart Home Market has been covered from nineteen viewpoints.


  1. Smart Speaker
  2. interactive security system
  3. smart thermostat
  4. monitoring camera
  5. video doorbell
  6. smart light bulb
  7. motion sensor
  8. smart light switch
  9. door/video sensor
  10. smart door lock
  11. smart plug
  12. smart smoke detector
  13. garage door opener
  14. smart electrical socket
  15. smart oven
  16. smart window shade/blind,
  17. leak/moisture detector
  18. irrigation control system
  19. water shutoff system


North Carolina has made a remarkable ascent as the fastest-growing in the United States smart home market.

The thriving technology landscape of United States, bolstered by renowned research universities and a burgeoning startup culture, fosters innovation, and attracts smart home solution providers. This dynamic environment cultivates a diverse range of cutting-edge products that resonate with tech-savvy consumers. Moreover, North Carolina’s steady population growth and robust real estate sector provide a fertile ground for integrating smart home technologies into both new constructions and existing homes. The state’s blend of urban and suburban communities creates diverse markets, catering to various consumer needs. Concurrently, North Carolina’s emphasis on sustainable living and energy efficiency aligns seamlessly with the value proposition of smart home systems.

States – United States Smart Home Market has been covered from eleven viewpoints.


  1. Florida
  2. Texas
  3. South Carolina
  4. North Carolina
  5. California
  6. Iowa
  7. New York
  8. Illinois
  9. Arizona
  10. Wisconsin
  11. Others


Competitive Landscape.

The companies that make up the United States smart home market include Apple Inc., Schneider Electric, Panasonic, Sony, Honeywell International Inc., and Inc.

Company Insights.

  • Oveview
  • Recent Development and Initiatives
  • Sales Analysis


Company Analysis:

  1. Panasonic Corporation
  2. Sony Corporation
  3. Apple Inc.,
  4. Schneider Electric
  5. com Inc.,
  6. Honeywell International Inc.

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