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Understanding Various Types of IV Sets

IV (intravenous) sets are used to optimize infusion delivery, typically for long time periods. They comprise a bag filled with fluid, a tube through which the fluid travels, and a needle that introduces the fluid into the bloodstream via the veins. 

IV sets are helpful in lowering the chances of infection for the patient while cleaning and protecting the access sites. They enable the infusion of crucial medications like antibiotics or even blood transfusions. IV Sets are also used in the administration of chemotherapy and other long-duration infusions.

While all the intravenous sets have the same purpose, let’s understand their different types on the basis of their needs.

Different Types of IV Sets and Their Uses

Knowing about the various IV sets and their uses is essential to provide patients with the required medical assistance. Below are the four types of IV sets and their applications.

1. Vented IV Sets

Vented IV tubing or Vented IV sets are suitable for glass or hard plastic containers. These IV sets come with a small vent that can be opened and closed, creating room for air to enter and displace the fluid as it exits. Fluid will not circulate from a firm IV container unless it is properly vented.

2. Non-Vented IV Sets

Non-vented IV Sets are the opposite of Vented IV Sets, where the tubing has no vents. Non-vented IV sets work well with flexible plastic containers. One essential thing to note is that non-vented tubing must be backflowed or primed to eliminate air before use.

3. Filtered IV Sets

Filtered IV sets consist of a small micron filter that is used to eliminate any potential contaminants from IV products. The filtration safeguards the patient who is receiving the infusion by removing any particulate matter, air emboli, or bacteria in the solution or medication.

It also protects the patient from phlebitis, which can be caused by bacteria or particulates in the medication. Filtered IV sets are used along with several medications, and the filters come in various sizes. Filter sizes get as small as .22 microns for eliminating bacteria up to a 5-micron filter that filters larger particles.

4. Gravity Tubing

This is the most popular and original IV set. Also known as gravity administration sets, gravity tubing relies on gravity and flow rate controllers to address the patients with the medicine. Drip rates for gravity infusion can be configured in drops per minute, corresponding to the milliliters per hour infusion rate.

One such example is our dial-a-flow tubing. With gravity infusion, the bag filled with medicine is placed on a pole above the person, and gravity creates pressure to infuse the medicine.

Essential Components of an IV Set

  • IV Bag or Container: A reservoir containing the fluid or medication.
  • Tubing: A transparent tube that connects that IV bag with the patient’s body
  • Needle or Catheter: Serving as the entry point into the patient’s bloodstream, it ensures a secure connection for IV infusion. Needles are for short-term use, whereas catheters are designed for long-term purposes.
  • IV Connector: Connects and disconnects the tubing to the catheter or needle.
  • Flow Regulator: Controls the medication dosage and duration of treatment
  • Injection Port: Helpful in infusing additional medication into the IV line without interrupting the flow.
  • Filter: Useful for eliminating particulate matter, contaminants, or air bubbles from the solution.
  • Clamps: Used to stop or reduce the flow of the IV solution.

IV Set Romsons

Romsons, a leading manufacturer of disposable medical equipment, ensures that healthcare services are provided with top-quality medical devices, enabling them to provide the right treatment at the right time.

You can avail of different IV sets of Romsons, including the RMS Vented Infusion Set. 

It comes with the following attributes:

  • Sharp piercing spike for smooth insertion in I.V container
  • Integrated air vent and a hydrophobic filter for bacterial protection
  • Transparent cylindrical collapsible drip chamber designed to determine the flow rate
  • Disc type 15μm fluid filter at the bottom of the drip chamber to filter any particulate in the I.V fluid.
  • Provided with latex-free “Y” type injection port created using poly isoprene for additional medication.
  • An efficient roller controller for better flow control.
  • Constitutes a super smooth kink-resistant tube for unobstructed flow.
  • Fixed Luer lock for stable connectivity with all standard devices.
  • Sterile, non-pyrogenic, disposable, individually packed


Intravenous sets are available in different styles based on the patient’s requirements, but they have one common purpose, i.e., delivering effective and safe medical care. They are the ideal medium to deliver medications, nutrients, or fluids directly into a person’s bloodstream. Understanding their types and purposes in the medical world is crucial to delivering the necessary medical care to patients. 

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