Unable to Sign in to DSM Account? How to Resolve the Issue?

Many users have been complaining that they cannot sign in to DSM account. By any chance, if you are in the lot, then it could be because of not one but more than one reason. But, what is the point of wasting time on reasons, right? Let us straightaway get to the solutions that can help you to resolve the issue at hand. For your information, in case, nothing helps you out, we will let you know if there a need to learn how to reset Synology NAS or not.

How to Sign in to DSM Account with Ease?

1. Enter the Valid Password

The very first solution that you need to implement to resolve the unable to sign in to DSM account issue is to enter the right password. However, in case you are unable to sign in despite your constant attempts, it is probably because you have forgotten the password. To correct your mistake, you should consider resetting the password. For you, you need to go to the Control Panel and click User & Group option. Now, go through the steps given.

2. Disable Multi-Factor Authentication

Another reason that has forced you to experience the unable to sign in to DSM account issue is that the verification code that has been used is incorrect. There could also be a chance that you changes or probably lose your mobile device. In this case, the solution which you need to implement is to learn how to disable multi-factor authentication. To learn how this can be done, it is recommended that you go through the product manual.

3. Create Some Disk Space

Considering you are still a victim of the unable to sign in to DSM account issue, it could be because the disk space is full. To create some space, reboot the system. To carry forward the process, you need to locate and press the power button to manually shut the system down. Do this until the device beeps. Once that is done, you need to wait for the LED light to become solid. By the way, this tip can also fix the find.synology not working issue.

4. Check the WiFi Connection

Chances are that the internet connection is not stable which is also forcing you to face the Synology Assistant can’t find NAS issue. In view of this, you need to check whether the Ethernet cable is properly joined. Once done, try to access the account but from a different network. Go through these steps to decrease the likelihood of coming across this problem: go to Control Panel > Security. Now, enhance browser compatibility. Click Save.

5. Have Authorized Access

Last, but not least, in case you still cannot fix the unable to sign in to DSM account issue, the waste no more time in getting the authorized access. Chances are that your access to DSM might have been set to deny. To change this, you need to go to the Control Panel > App Privileges > DSM > Edit. Now, make the required changes and see if you are able to fix the unable to sign in to DSM account issue or not.

Wrapping Up

With the last troubleshooting solution, we are wrapping up the guide written on how to resolve the unable to sign in to DSM account issue. We are expecting that you will be able to get rid of this issue in a hassle-free manner if your approach to go through the tips given above was good. Otherwise, you will be left with no other option than to reset or restore your Synology NAS system to the factory default mode.

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