Top Ten fighting VR games to try in 2024

In the nineties and early 21st century, fighting games were popular because they were mainstream. People played these games because they were fast, exciting, and action-packed. However, other gaming genres quickly overtook fighting game titles as the gameplay became basic and predictable.

With the introduction of Virtual Reality, fighting games took a turn for the better. What seemed bland and repetitive looked exceptionally captivating in VR headsets. People who played such games in arcades and with joysticks could now control their fighters with motion controllers and gestures. With VR, it seems as if you are playing the game yourself rather than the character.

Keep reading the article to explore the best fighting VR game titles to try in 2024.

Top 6 fighting VR games you must play in 2024

A fighting game is a genre of video game that requires combat between two or more characters/players. It often features mechanics such as grappling, blocking, counter-attacking, and chaining attacks together into “combos.” When coupled with VR, it seems as if you are personally beating a character in the game. There are many interesting titles that you can play with your friends and family in a VR park.

With that said, let’s read further to explore the top 6 fighting VR games that you must play in 2024.

Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu

The Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu was developed by Ben Olding and Clique Games. It is a high-fidelity physics-based combat game. If you are into Kung Fu, this game is specially designed for you. The artistic style of the game pays homage to the golden era of martial arts films.

When you play this game in VR, you get to explore and fight competitors in closed rooms and open spaces. There is a tutorial at the start of the game that lets you learn Kung Fu moves and VR controls. The game lets you play solo and co-op multiplayer, where you have to beat the Kung Fu master. You can buy Play DXB Tickets and head to the Virtual Reality Park to enjoy this game with your friends.

Creed: Rise to Glory

Creed: Rise to Glory is a boxing video game. The game can be played in Virtual Reality, and the graphics are extremely immersive. The game is based on the “Rocky” movie franchise, where you play the main character “Adonis Creed.”

You can enjoy this game either solo or with friends in co-op multiplayer mode. The game immerses you in 3D settings inside the boxing ring. You can view the umpire, judges, the crowd, and your opponent in a life-like simulation. Play this game in a VR park with your companions for a friendly boxing match.

Sword Master VR

Sword Master VR is an absolute blast in virtual reality technology. The game takes your sword fighting skills to another level. The game tests your skills with the blade against smart AI enemies. The game also lets you fight other people in co-op gameplay mode.

When you play this title in Virtual Reality, you get to explore various game settings in full 360. There are 10 unlockable shields that you get by clearing each round. Besides that, you can also unlock powerful swords to defeat 7 different boss enemies. You can also play this game with your friends in co-op mode and have fun slaying each other in VR.

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Street Fighter 6

Whoever loves playing fighting games is no stranger to the “Street Fighter” franchise. It was introduced on the arcade platform and quickly took the gaming world by storm. As soon as Capcom announced the Street Fighter 6 for VR, fans rushed to play their favorite title in virtual reality.

You can play this game to combat solo or with your friends in co-op mode. You can choose from 18 main characters and head over to fight them in 3D arenas. You can even join the Battle Hub lobby and socialize with or challenge other online players. Gather your buddies and head over to the VR park for a game of intense fighting.

Drunkn Bar Fight

If you really want to enjoy a game in Virtual Reality, then you have to try Drunkn Bar Fight. This game is set in the wildest bars, where you can participate in ultimate brawls. The game looks surprisingly immersive, and players can interact with almost anything in the bar.

You can play with up to 4 players in co-op mode. Whether you are alone or with friends, you can engage freely in any socially unacceptable behavior. While in the game, you can throw bottles, darts, chairs, or anything you can get your hands on at opponents.


Ironlights is a Virtual Reality dueling game with skillful, fluid, and slow-motion melee combat. The game puts a wild twist on swordplay and action combat. The game allows players to parry, block, and strike down opponents using a variety of physics-based weapons.

You can fight in a huge single-player league campaign or test your skills in multiplayer battles. You can join the fight lobby to make new friends or meet deadly foes. The game looks exceptionally beautiful and immersive in Virtual Reality. You can purchase play DXB tickets and head to the VR Park to enjoy this game with your buddies today.

Enjoy action fighting in VR!

You can’t get the same level of excitement and fun by playing fighting games on normal LED TVs and monitors. Playing titles in VR technology is a whole new experience. It’s like landing in a game arena yourself and having a real-life fight. Head over to Virtual Reality parks to get an ultimate gaming experience today!

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