Top Most Useful Language Learning Apps For 2024

New Year begins with tons of new resolutions and goals to achieve in the year, not that you are going to accomplish all of your goals, but still, this is a norm and we all are somehow, due to the peer pressure bound to make some pledges to ourselves which we are smoothly going to break later. 

But here is a thing, there are some sort of promises that are meant to be kept. Especially if you are a traveler and have an igniting passion running through your veins. And seamless travel comes with a need to learn a new or required language. 

Whether it is about learning a new language or brushing up your knacks for a particular language, no defined season is assigned, it is flexible, enjoyable, and thoroughly enlightening to learn a new language. 

But what hinders your process is the lack of enough time. This is reasonable because we all are so occupied in our daily routines. Thankfully, the tech and the ever-evolving refinements of it have flooded us with online resources that can smartly assist you in improving your linguistic skills, pronunciation, reading, and grammar. 

The mere thought of learning a new language could be daunting, like a boring lecture that you need to devour. But with time, learning has become fun. One of the most fun ways to learn the language is by watching movies with subtitles. This can extensively enhance the normal day language. Streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix are the more fun way to learn new phrases. 

But the problem that could strike you would be the unavailability of several platforms in particular regions. Like, if you are wondering, Is Hulu Available in India. Then you will need to get a handy VPN. 

Besides this, there are plenty of apps that can greatly help you in improving your skills in your desired language. Want to know about which app to use to get the most benefit, then read ahead and follow the blog to augment your knowledge of these handy apps. 


Duolingo is one the most popular apps in the realm of language learning applications. It is easy to use and has a vibrant and appealing interface that captivates the audience at first glance. Moreover, it has games and exercises that help you practice what you have learned and aid in memorizing the phrases. 

Plus, it lets you learn multiple languages at once. There is absolutely no limit to it. But when it comes to learning a language, a maximum of two languages at once is more than enough, if you sincerely want to retain what you have learned. 

You may feel like your skills have rusted even if you have mastered them when you forget to practice them often. Therefore, Duolingo offers you interactive stories and audio clips to keep your knacks updated. Plus, it creates streaks that hold you motivated by seeing the number of days you endeavor to reach your goal. 

It is available in a family subscription package as well, which allows 6 persons to use the account simultaneously. And offers you over 40 languages to learn.


Babbel is the most straightforward language-learning app that you can get your hands on. It has an uncomplicated and simple layout that makes even French appear like a painless language. It provides an abundance of lessons, just like you had in your academic curriculum. By helping in providing translations, and the usage of verbs and phrases in almost every possible way. 

Moreover, it eases in comprehending stuff by illustrating it. Babbel offers its users to learn over 14 languages, with the first lesson free of cost. You can have lifetime access to all the lessons upon subscribing. 


Mondly is a fun and very amazing app that lets you learn a new language without having to subscribe to a premium package. It offers the lesson wonderfully, by letting you tap on a particular verb or phrase, and you will be prompted to a translation and explanation of it. Along with an audio pronunciation. 

What is more appealing is that it gives you audio prompts in a more melodic way. Which makes it easier to remember things. And if you already have tried numerous apps then the chances are that you will find it easier and more fun. 


This app is a bit different from others in the way that it provides you with brief audio clips that give you a thorough demonstration of how the phrases and verbs are used in the normal spoken language by the natives. It currently offers over 14 languages. 

Plus, it lets you get the daily lesson for free and further extends it by giving a paid version to the lingo enthusiasts. 

Wrapping Up 

Learning a new language is an amazing yet overwhelming task at times, but with these helpful apps, you can effortlessly build your foundation and thrive on the way. And travel confidently across the globe. 

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