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What are the top Attractions in Citi Housing Kharian?

Citi Housing Kharian, a prestigious housing society in Kharian, stands out for its top attractions that cater to its residents’ diverse needs and preferences. Let’s explore the key attractions that make Citi Housing Kharian a sought-after residential destination:

1. Modern Amenities and Facilities:

Citi Housing Kharian offers a wide array of modern amenities and facilities that enhance the quality of life for its residents. From community centers and carpeted roads to educational institutions, medical facilities, secure gated communities, underground electricity, and sports complexes, the housing society provides everything residents need within easy reach. These amenities ensure convenience, comfort, and a high standard of living for all residents.

2. Secure Gated Community:

One of the standout features of Citi Housing Kharian is its secure and gated environment. Residents benefit from 24/7 security services and advanced surveillance systems that ensure a safe and protected living environment. The emphasis on security gives residents peace of mind and privacy, making it an ideal place to call home.

3. Green Spaces and Parks:

Extensive green areas, parks, and landscaped gardens within Citi Housing Kharian create a serene and nature-inspired ambiance for residents. These green spaces provide a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, offering residents a peaceful environment to relax, unwind, and connect with nature.

4. Community Center:

A dedicated community center is a focal point for social interactions, community events, and recreational activities within Citi Housing Kharian. This vibrant hub brings residents together, fostering a sense of community spirit and camaraderie among neighbors. The community center is a place where residents can socialize, engage in activities, and build lasting relationships.

5. Educational Institutions:

Citi Housing Kharian prioritizes education by providing on-site schools and educational institutions within the housing society. This ensures that families with children have convenient access to quality education without traveling far. The presence of educational facilities within the community underscores the commitment to holistic development and well-being of residents.

6. Healthcare Facilities:

Access to healthcare services within Citi Housing Kharian ensures the well-being and convenience of residents. Having medical facilities nearby allows residents to access quality healthcare services easily, promoting a healthy and secure living environment within the housing society.

What are the healthcare facilities near Citi housing Kharian?

Near Citi Housing Kharian, residents can access various healthcare facilities to meet their medical needs. These include hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers that provide quality medical services. The proximity of these healthcare facilities ensures that residents can easily access healthcare services without traveling long distances. Having reliable healthcare options nearby adds to the convenience and well-being of residents in Citi Housing Kharian, contributing to a safe and healthy living environment within the community.

What is the expected ROI of Citi Housing Kharian?

The expected Return on Investment (ROI) for Citi Housing Kharian is promising, as it is considered a good investment opportunity in 2024 with high demand in the real estate market and offering a good return on investment. The average price of a 5-Marla plot in Citi Housing Kharian is approximately PKR 2.5 million, while a 10-Marla house is around PKR 15 million. This indicates a potential for significant returns on investment for those looking to invest in Citi Housing Kharian.


Citi Housing Kharian boasts top attractions such as modern amenities, a secure gated community, green spaces, a community center, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. These attractions collectively contribute to a high quality of life, convenience, and a sense of community within the housing society, making it a desirable residential destination in Kharian. If you are willing to buy a plot in Citi housing Kharian, then must check all available plot sizes and their locations before making any decision.

If you want more options outside of Kharian, visit Park View City Phase 2.

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