Top 6 Features Of Applications Like Airbnb

You must have seen marketplaces for shopping for groceries, clothing, home accessories, footwear, edibles, vehicles, types of machinery, and petroleum. Have you ever seen or heard about a marketplace that lists homestays? Well, there is an American company that lists homestays and rentals, in short, it is used to book spaces like kitchens, pools, laundry spaces, gardens, parking spaces, and many more that will be discussed in the below section. 

Categories offered by Airbnb services that people globally pre-book;

  • Artic 
  • Windmills
  • Amazing pools
  • Top of the World- mountains
  • Countryside 
  • Campers
  • Islands 
  • Mansions
  • Barns
  • Rooms
  • Beach 
  • Surfing
  • Designs
  • Caves
  • Bed and breakfast 
  • Tropical sides
  • Farms
  • Lakes
  • Iconic cities 

This is just a brief list of the categories that this company offers. Now the thing is how is this whole booking done? What digital means are used to book a space? 

The answer is simple, the whole booking process is done through websites and mobile applications. Many businesses are looking forward to getting the same app. App development companies in the United Arab Emirates are being approached to develop smart and innovative applications built with the latest technologies. 

The reason is that the UAE is on top of the world regarding unique business. Hence, the need for a digital product arises to run any digital business. So, developers are offering Custom Ruby on Rails App in Dubai as these kinds of web and mobile applications are built with advanced frameworks, and Ruby on Rails is one of them. 

So, let’s see how developers are building these apps with smart features. 

  • Customize Search Feature 

Developers have added a custom search feature so that travelers and tourists can narrow down the search results. This will allow them to only look for the spaces that they are interested in. Search for pools, rooms, fireplaces, parking spaces, or any space. Just tick the filter box and enjoy searching for the right fit according to your mood. 

  • Coupons And Offer 

This feature is to grab more guests resulting in more bookings every day. Let’s suppose there is a family member that used the app and now they want to suggest their friends as well. Sharing the app, or sharing the coupons offered by the services for using the app or booking.

Guests can save some bucks and, in this way, the app will get more downloads. The coupons can be used when they are booking the space and making some reservations. 

  • Push Notifications

Another feature to make the engagement and service seamless is the push notification feature. This feature helps guests to be aware of all the possible consequences that can happen during or after the booking process.

Another benefit of this feature, it makes sure that there is no miscommunication between the customer and the service providers. The app will offer them timely updates and let the guests know in case there is a booking issue. 

  • Cancellation 

Mishaps and unwanted situations can happen at any time, in case there is a situation where the trip has to be canceled. By integrating a single-click cancellation feature, the bookings can be terminated as per the termination policy.

This is quite a seamless feature that will allow guests to not worry about the refund process since they can follow up on the process as per the policy. 

  • Payment Management 

Since the bookings are done online, the payment management feature will allow the guests to manage what payment they choose. This is an essential feature that will make seamless and secure online payments. The whole payment process will be quick, and easily manageable by both the guests and hosts. 

  • Property Listing

So, coming to the next feature, this will allow the hosts to list the spaces they have been wanting to put on rent. Just like you see product listing, there is a property listing that will allow hosts to easily list the property with HD pictures, complete descriptions of the place, prices, negation if possible, and all the rules set by the hosts.

Some owners have their rules and policies and they want the guests to abide by them.  


This was all about the 6 features that can help guests and hosts to book the spaces easily. 

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