Top 5 Best New Bike 2024 In India

Exploring The Price, Features & Specifications

The top five new bike 2024 in India have the bike industry buzzing with anticipation. Because of its cutting-edge features, improved specs, and affordable price, enthusiasts excitedly await these launches. These motorcycles promise to fascinate riders and create new standards in the industry with their unique blend of style, performance, and affordability.

We provide information for all types of motorcycle enthusiasts and those who are just interested in the newest models. This blog will examine in more detail the top 5 bikes expected to cause a stir in the Indian market, along with information on their costs, features, and technical details. There is a bike to suit every rider’s taste and inclination, from robust cruisers to adventure cycles.

Harley Davidson X350

This Harley bike is assumed to be available at a price of Rs. 2.5 lakh in the Indian market. It is planned for release in November 2025. This bike will be equipped with a 335cc engine that guarantees a smooth ride.

Its mileage is 20.2 kmpl, and its fuel tank capacity is 13 litres. The X350 offers comfortable seating with a step-up seat and sufficient ground clearance of 185 mm.

Additionally, this 350cc bike is furnished with cutting-edge features like tubeless tyres and dual-channel ABS brakes. This new bike 2024 guarantees safety and well-being on the roads. Its digital speedometer, LED headlights, and digital instrument console add a touch of innovation to its classic cruiser look.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 650

Himalayan 650 is an upcoming adventure bike expected to be priced between Rs. 4.00 and Rs. 4.01 lakh in India. It is outfitted with a 650cc motor and intended for a consistent riding experience. Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 is probably going to be launched in September 2025.

Besides, the Himalayan 650 offers a respectable mileage of 40 kmpl. With its solid disc brakes and tubed tyres, the bike guarantees strength and control on different landscapes. The Himalayan 650’s electric start and advanced ignition system make starting easy. It also includes a move-forward seat for added comfort during long rides.

Hero Karizma 400

Karizma 400 is expected to launch in February 2025 in India at a price range of Rs. 2.00 to Rs. 2.1 lakh. This new bike 2024 is fitted with a 223cc engine for a smooth ride. The Karizma 400 enables riders to embark on longer journeys with a mileage ranging from 30 to 35 kmpl.

Moreover, this sports tourer ensures stability and safety with tubeless tyres and ABS brakes. Its digital speedometer and LED lights enhance visibility and provide modern convenience. Also, the Karizma 400’s electric start and 5-speed manual transmission make it easy to use. The digital instrument console offers comprehensive information, including odometer and fuel gauge readings. It comes with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers at the front and a monoshock at the rear.

Yamaha RX 100

This new bike 2024 will cost Rs. 1 lakh in India. It will feature a strong 98cc engine that produces 10.85 bhp and 10.39 Nm torque. It is set to launch in January 2025 and is designed for those who value simplicity. This classic bike runs at a top speed of 110 km/h and provides both efficiency and performance. It is aiming to appeal to enthusiasts seeking nostalgia for the legendary RX series.

Moreover, Yamaha RX 100 offers a mileage of 40 kmpl. Also, it has a fuel tank capacity of 10 litres, which enhances its touring abilities. This  enYamaha bikesures stability and control with drum brakes and tube-type tyres. It comes with a 4-speed manual gearbox and kick-start mechanism. Its analogue speedometer and other analogue instruments maintain a retro charm.

BSA Gold Star

This bike is priced between Rs. 3 and Rs. 3.5 lakh. It runs on a strong 652cc liquid-cooled engine, delivering a hefty 45 hp power @ 6500 rpm and 55 Nm torque @ 4000 rpm. This cruiser bike is crafted to offer a smooth and enjoyable ride.

BSA Gold Star is fitted with tubeless tyres and advanced ABS brakes. The Gold Star combines convenience with classic cruiser aesthetics. Moreover, its 25 kmpl mileage and large 12-litre fuel tank allow you to travel long distances. It has a comfy single seat, perfect for extended rides. Moreover, this BSA bike features electronic add-ons like a charging point.


The main 5 new bike 2024 offer a convincing mix of development, performance, and price. Bikes are developing with exceptional features to meet assorted rider needs. These bikes address automotive design greatness with cutting edge tech, strong engines, and natural handling. Whether it’s speed, adventure, or urban driving, 2024 brings bikes for each rider. Also, it is a thrilling time for two-wheeled transportation with vast potential on the road.

For more information about the new bike 2024 in India, stay tuned with us.

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