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Tips To Dress Like Daenerys Targaryen: The Dragon Queen

When we mingle the world of fantasy and fashion, there are few characters who captivate our mind and heart not just because of their nature, but also through their fashion sense. And Daenerys Targaryen from the “Game of Thrones” series is one of them. She is one of the most powerful characters from the series who symbolises strength, power, charisma and ethereal beauty. Known as the Dragon Queen, through her dressing style and appearance, she not only highlights her royal background, but also blends a hint of gothic allure to it. Whether it is her outfits, hairstyle or makeup, she never fails to reflect a royal yet mysterious vibe from her appearance. There are different types of women’s gothic clothing out there which you can wear to get the look of Daenerys Targaryen. Gothic fashion in fact makes a woman look powerful and strong, it seems that through her appearance the woman is going to conquer the entire universe. And strong characters from the fantasy and literary world wear these outfits to highlight their strength, the outfits become more captivating and demanding and normal women cannot resist themselves from having those outfits.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the tips which you can follow to dress like Daenerys Targaryen to get a blend of royal and gothic vibe. If you do not have gothic outfits and accessories with you, then do not worry at all. You can easily get them within a short span of time from different websites and from your nearby stores. Websites, such as Jordash Clothing and alike are some of the wholesale clothing suppliers in the UK which provide you with different types of gothic outfits and accessories which you can wear to get the look and vibe of Daenerys Targaryen.

Let us now have a look at some of the tips which you can follow to get a look like the Dragon Queen.

Women’s Gothic Clothing

Black Outfits to Feel Empowered

If you have watched the series of “Game of Thrones”, you must have observed that Daenerys Targaryen often wears black outfits to depict strength, power and mystery. In order to get that gothic vibe you can incorporate black gothic outfits, such as gothic dresses and gowns to your wardrobe. Apart from that you opt for gothic blouses, tops, skirts and trousers as well to get a blend of royal and gothic aesthetic. Also pay attention to the fabrics which you are wearing as the Dragon Queen never compromises on that as well. Fabrics having rich textures such as velvet or lace can add a hint of sophistication to your appearance. Apart from that you can also go for corsets or black leather jackets for an edgy appeal and a rebel appearance defining the gothic side.

Women’s Gothic Dresses

Accessories to Feel Royal

Not just outfits, you also need to have proper accessories to get a look like Daenerys Targaryen and also to get a spooky yet royal look. In order to accentuate your regal charm, you need certain accessories which are statement pieces, such as cascading earrings, intricate chokers and ornate rings. These accessories will also give you a mystic and uncanny vibe as they come with motifs of dragons and other mythical symbols. Since she is the Dragon Queen of the fantasy world, do not forget to add a headpiece or a crown which comes with a touch of darkness in order to enhance your fashion statement.

Alternative Clothing

Hairstyles Inspired by Targaryens

When it comes to hairstyle, the Targaryens have a typical hairstyle and Daenerys is no exception. Therefore, pay extra attention to your hairstyle, if you want to dress like Daenerys Targaryen. Silver blonde hair is the iconic hair colour of the Targaryens and it is understandable that everyone cannot get the exact hair colour as depicted in the series. Therefore, for those who cannot get her hair colour, focus on other things such as the way she styles her hair. For instance, you can keep the hair loose or go for braided updos, you can also opt for the cascading waves which conjure up a sense of royal femininity. You can also add hair accessories such as tiaras or ornate hair clips to get an eerie vibe.

Summing Up

These are some of the tips which you can follow to get a look like Daenerys Targaryen. When it comes to makeup, you can either keep it simple and minimal or the typical goth makeup which is bold and dramatic, as Daenerys embraces both the style of makeup. If you choose the alternative clothing which goes well with the character, be assured that half of the work is done there itself.

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