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Cleanliness is next to godliness, decluttering our surroundings helps an individual have clarity of thought and also prevents the spread of communicable and non –communicable diseases. Cleanliness is a vital tool while adding to the aesthetic appeal of a place, when we talk of aesthetic appeal we talk of things like interior decoration elements like flower vases, show pieces and also carpets. 

Carpets are an extension of door mats, carpets not only add to the interior decoration but also protect the flooring against any kind of disturbances. It is said that during the Victorian age the Victorians were so conscious about their carpets that they covered their carpets using a colourless animal rug to avoid the accumulation of dust, dirt and grime. Thus carpets have always been a desire of possession in ancient times. 

The evolution of carpets has changed and so have the methods of cleaning, the prehistoric carpets were simply disposed of off because they were made up of organic material like feathers, leaves etc, the next scrubber that was used to clean carpets was the white bread were Victorians and ancient Europeans made use of bread to scrub the layers of cloth. With the advent of the washing stone and world war, 1 people began using steel mesh and wire gauges to scrub through layers of grime. 


  1. Dry powder cleaning system: Dry powder cleaning system is a system where the dust-laden carpet is soaked in a liquid other than water to cut through the layers f dust and grime, the dust and grime then agitate the micro-organisms within the layers of cloth and compels them to move out. 

“The major drawback with this system of cleaning carpets is that these carpets tend to have huge deposits of residue namely chemical residue which makes people prone to infections and allergies” explained a well-known cleaners in Surrey

  1. Encapsulation method: As per the encapsulation methods of carpet cleaning this method of cleaning is very literal to its name, to encapsulate means to isolate this method makes use of a chemical that gathers the dust and isolates the same in a place making it easy for the housekeeper to collect and discard the dust. 
  2. Bonnet cleaning: In the process of bonnet cleaning as explained by one of the best carpet cleaning service providers in Vancouver “is a process that derives its name from the medieval trend of wearing bonnets, the cotton pad which is attached to a scrubber is shaped as a bonnet the method makes use of a neutralizing chemical that is sprayed onto the carpet which then skillfully cuts through the layers of accumulated dust. 

“Bonnet cleaning is a process which has off late started to lose its reputation because of the difficulty in using and also the fact that the process is not ergonomically feasible” explained one of the top pressure cleaning service providers in Vancouver. 

  1. Hot water extraction: This method involves making use of water at boiling temperature when mixed with solvents and tends to lift the dust, a powerful vacuum tends to lift the dust from the carpet and project the residue on the surface making it easy to clean.

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