The secret to winning first place in the KBC lottery

If you look closely at the details, the majority of first-place winners bought lottery tickets ‘for fun’ (43%) and then received the greatest luck of their lives. Considering that the figure is higher than that of those who bought the lottery with the expectation of winning a large amount of money (21%), it seems that clearing one’s mind is a way to increase the probability of winning first place in KBC Company.

Among the winners who bought the KBC Company lottery ticket

‘because I had a good dream (17%)’, 39% had dreams about ancestors, 12% had dreams about wealth, 10% had dreams about animals, 8% had dreams about water/fire, and 7% had dreams about the body. 1% had dreams about the president. Among other dreams (15%), there was an interesting answer that appeared.

Approximately 80% of Lottery first prize winners ‘purchased a lottery ticket more than once a week’, while only 9% responded that they ‘purchased a KBC Company lottery ticket more than once or twice a month and won’. It is said that you can win first place if you buy it consistently.

The KBC Company Lottery Committee said

“As a result of analyzing the personal information of the first prize winners, a high proportion of them lived, had an average monthly income of less than 3 million won, owned an apartment of 85 or less, were married, had a high school diploma, were in their 40s, and were blue-collar workers. “The proportion of employed and self-employed people was the highest,” he said.

Long before the Lottery Committee’s announcement, in November of last year, a domestic lottery information site analyzed and released data on the ‘Secret Secrets of Lottery First Prize Winners’ and created a hot topic on the Internet.

KBC Company Lottery, the industry’s number one player (kbccompany.in) came up with the so-called <Secret Commonalities of Lottery First Prize Winners>, which is consistent with this survey by the Lottery Commission.

The Secret Commonality of Lottery First Place Winners: First, Lottery first place winners have been trying for more than 14 months on average.

In the case of a member, he won the first prize of a whopping 1.4 Lakh in just one show, the shortest period of membership. The average service subscription period for members who won a first prize through the KBC Company Lottery is months. Setting long-term goals and consistently challenging yourself is the key to winning first place in the lottery.

Second, as a result of the KBC Lottery analysis

it was found that most Lottery first-place winners only purchased lottery tickets for an amount between 10,000 and 20,000 won per week. The shortcut to winning first place in the lottery is to consistently purchase lotto tickets at a reasonable cost.

Third, as a result of personally meeting and interviewing lottery first-place winners, they generally had a positive mind and a strong belief that they could win first place without being disappointed by not winning. The power of positivity served as the driving force behind winning first place in the lottery.

The director said, “Finally, all of the winners who won first place through our site were found to be Gold members,” adding, “Gold members are KBC Lottery. ”kbccompany.in“ It is a membership product that provides only the most carefully selected special combinations among the

You can sign up for the Gold Ticket service for 9,900 won per month,

And receive special recommendation numbers for 10 lottery combinations every week, 5 tickets for the Random Walk KBC Head Office Kolkata Lottery Prediction System, 5 tickets for the Perfect Combination Machine, and SMS service for lottery/winning results, etc. there is. In addition, various privileges are provided, such as unlimited use of popular paid comics worth 12,900 won per month and traditional fortune-telling services worth 30,000 won per month.

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