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Our territory of I Removals Birmingham and its province is one of the most industrialized in all of the United Kingdom, therefore it has a large number of offices. Moving an office is a delicate moment. It’s not just about transferring furniture and PCs, but often also documents and archives that contain information that cannot be lost.

The need to be Organized to offer the office removal service in Birmingham is a challenge that the I Removals Birmingham team immediately grasped.


The primary need for those who have to move their company’s offices is to reduce closing times to a minimum. We at I Removals Birmingham have solved this problem with detailed planning of the office move, to identify together with the customer the timing, and the order in which the various phases must be followed, even when it is necessary to move in several phases.

As with homes, office movers include a free inspection to guarantee a precise estimate and painstaking management during the moving work. We will agree on the order in which to dismantle any movable walls or stands, furnishings, workstations, desks, data centers. We will define together where the photocopiers, plotters, PC workstations, armored cabinets and shelving will be positioned once at their destination.


If your office move is to be carried out on a high floor, we will use our aerial ladder trucks for removals. We will provide packaging material, containers and boxes to store documents, folders, stationery material and all the material involved in the office move.

Once we arrive at your new office destination, we will take care of the reassembly of the furniture, stands and all the moved goods, in the environments that you will indicate to us. All this while preventing your company from stopping, because an office move must be organized and quick.

Change of residence

Changing residence is an important duty that should not be overlooked. Once you have taken possession of your new home, it is essential to change your place of residence. To do this, you will need to go to the municipal offices of your new home with a valid identity document. After completing and sending the form, the change of residence will be made automatically within the next two days. Approximately 45 days later, the municipal police will carry out a check and verification. It is important that you also communicate the change of residence to the competent Revenue Agency, to avoid administrative problems or sanctions in the future.

Temporary furniture storage for individuals and companies

For all those who need the furniture storage service for their home or business in the province of Birmingham.

Do you need flexibility for your move?

Our furniture mover warehouse is the ideal solution during renovation works, downsizing and during the move between two properties.

Whether you have just a few boxes, countless boxes of junk, or antique furniture, we offer different sized solutions to meet your specific needs.

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