The most fashionable leather jackets 2024

The main trends of spring

Although we still have several months of cold, snow and cloudy weather ahead of us before the onset of spring, we believe that we can now begin preliminary preparations for the new season. Naturally, you don’t need to rush into shopping right away, but it’s better to first familiarize yourself with the spring-summer 2024 trends. And only then try on what you like. Leather is at the peak of its popularity right now. Dresses, trousers, skirts, tops and, of course, jackets – any leather items will be relevant. And we don’t mind, since this durable material perfectly protects from wet snow, but at the same time looks stylish. The main must-have for spring 2024 is a leather jacket. But the assortment is so huge that you can get lost in it. To help you, we have selected the 5 most fashionable leather jackets 2024 from the new collections.

Leather bomber

Back in 2022, bomber jackets became almost the most desirable purchase for fashionistas. And this trend can still be seen today. If earlier we preferred textile models with decorative emblems of universities or sports teams, now we rely on “puffed” leather jackets. The cut can be anything – if you want to emphasize the waist and length of the legs, then choose shortened options. And if you like a relaxed silhouette, then pay attention to elongated bomber jackets. We also recommend taking a closer look at bomber jackets made of colored leather. For example, brown.

Leather jacket

The jacket is absolutely timeless. Now oversized rules the roost, but in the new season, fortunately, we saw other options. For example, leather jackets. This trend has returned to us from the 90s. With massive shoulders, sloping, ultra-short, fitted – the style can be anything. Focus on your personal preferences and body type. Don’t be afraid to experiment and choose not only black, but also more interesting colors. How to style it? Of course, with jeans, classic trousers and skirts or a dress. But we advise you to take a more decisive approach and wear a leather jacket with leather trousers. Or with a bright top.

Leather motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jackets made their way from the runways into street fashion back in 2023. And in the spring-summer 2024 season they will still be with us. This trend comes from the 80s. The fashion industry has long flirted with the theme of speed. We all remember the “racing” collections of various fashion houses. For example, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma and Formula 1. And in 2021, Ferrari began producing clothing. And even Chanel, when creating the 2023 cruise collection, was inspired by racing – hence the jackets, overalls and helmet bags. But if this aesthetic is not close to you, then you can take a closer look at more relaxed options for motorcycle jackets. For example, like Céline’s in the spring-summer 2024 show.

Oversized biker jacket

It’s safe to say that a biker jacket is the most versatile outerwear for spring. And it has not lost its relevance for decades. But still, its trends have not been spared – in the new season, choose an oversized biker jacket. This model will look cool with jeans, a floor-length dress, a hoodie, sneakers, and heels. A leather jacket will transform any look – no matter whether you are going to work or a party.

Leather jacket-shirt

A leather shirt is your fashionable assistant in the new season. It can be worn buttoned up to the top button or thrown over a top, T-shirt or simple dress, playing on the contrast of textures. Another option is on a naked body. Just remember to unbutton the top few buttons for maximum effect.

Leather jackets with embroidery

Embroidery is in fashion in 2023, which will add femininity and romance to your look. Embroidery is very appropriate, including in fashionable models of leather jackets. There will be a huge variety of ideas for their implementation, as they say, for every taste and color.

Top styles will be decorated with original embroidery, both on the front, on the back and on the sleeves. It is possible to complement such floral decor with metal additions, including rivets, clasps and other decorations.

Combined leather jacket

A women’s leather jacket looks very interesting, combining several different materials at once. For example, the jacket itself is made of one material, and its sleeves are made of another. Or a harmonious combination of eco-leather and faux fur on the sleeves.

Another interesting and very gentle option is a short leather jacket with long faux fur sleeves.

Finally, another very striking new item is a leather jacket with gray fur mittens, which creates quite a striking look.

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