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The process of assimilation of nutrients and excretion are interlinked together although they may differ in their functionalities they are quite working for the same purpose which is for the betterment of the body. Just like the two eyes serving the purpose of having a better vision. Often we as common people tend to understand the interlinking of all bodily processes.

We have been fed this idea that different organs perform different functions of the body, which is true but it is important to understand that they do not work against each other but work with each other.

“Let us imagine this with a small example if the brain decides to send more signals without or without the presence of stimuli just to overpower the heart it would create a situation of complete imbalance in the body” explained one of the best urologists in Punjab.

Similarly, a weak bone density can indicate too much acid being produced in the stomach, because the calcium from the bones will be pulled down to neutralize the acidity of the stomach, or hair fall or dry skin can indicate too much stress being levied upon the brain.

Similarly, the faulty working of your kidneys or the malfunctioning of the kidneys can be an indicator of the rise in blood sugar levels or the lack of cellulose the diet has been incurring.

Let us understand in detail how modern-day common problems affect the functioning of the kidneys.

  1. DIABETES – Aging is a process that is natural to the body, the body ages because of the reduced metabolic rate and the reduction in the size of the brain, the body also has its effect on the kidneys, a diet over sugar is what makes it difficult for the kidneys to filter and thus damages the inner lining walls of the blood vessels.
  2. HIGH-BLOOD PRESSURE – A deviation in the blood pressure can lead to the weakening of the blood vessel walls. Let us understand this through an example if repeated water tends to fall on a stone from a particular height at a considerable speed it tends to crack open the molecular structure of the boulders, thus high blood pressure affects kidneys and the structure of the blood vessels carrying blood to the kidneys.
  3. PCOS – A person suffering from PCOS will have frequent mood swings and unreasonable sugar cravings which is why that person will be tended to consume more foods laden with sugar and processed foods which will put an additional burden on the kidneys making it difficult for them to filter the waste and process the same, thus gradually but slowly opening the doors of kidney failure.
  4. HEART DISEASE – “Most of us will be shocked to know that heart disease is one of the major causes of kidney disease, heart disease occurs due to blood not being able to be delivered to the heart. The heart when not able to pump blood to the kidneys, and the kidneys not being able to function properly because the kidneys not deliver blood” explained one of the best urologist in Ludhiana.

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