The Barcelona nightlife capital is Spain.

Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest club in the world, because it seats only 15 people, including a DJ! Thanks to its compact size, the club is mobile, so the establishment has already visited many countries. The principle of the club: “Not by quantity, but by quality!”

Huge Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound is located far from the epicenter of Opium Barcelona scene, but nevertheless has parties all over the world. Today it is also a brand and a record company.

Ministry Of Sound was destined for success, because it was the first club dedicated to house music, the premises of which were completely adapted for good sound (what could be better than an abandoned bus depot?).

The club premises consist of 2 halls: lower and upper – decorated as a balcony. The club has three separate dance floors and three bars to suit every taste. In addition, there are many small rooms. People come here to immerse themselves in the rhythm of music and dance, enjoy the excellent music of the best DJs and clear sound!

Barcelona clubs Bar

Previously, young bartenders were trained here, but now it is a real bar that is ahead of other bars in Barcelona with its cocktails. LAB’s new products become classics over time.

Heaven Club

For live music – in Heaven. Musicians perform here all week long, including famous performers. All visitors are welcome here, no discrimination except violent behavior. The club has 2 huge dance floors, but you can find secluded and relatively quiet places to relax away from the crowd, but you can fully enjoy the music. The atmosphere reigning here can be described as both whimsically mysterious and pleasantly friendly.

Nightlife in Shoko nightclub

The Bed is a place where you can really relax and unwind to the lounge and unobtrusive trance, enjoying signature cocktails and… Lying in bed, yes! A night’s rest in the truest sense. However, this pleasure is expensive and strict face control awaits you at the entrance to the Shoko Barcelona club.

Downtown Barcelona Club

The interior of the club is designed in the Gothic style: high ceilings, a large stone fireplace in the center of the room, walls decorated with carvings. This design looks especially extravagant in combination with modern furniture. The concept of the club is quite flexible, so various events are held here – from a rock concert to a gay party.

Bling Bling club Barcelona

The spirit of Barcelona reigns in this place. There is no neon lighting, so common in nightclub Barcelona, the only source of light is numerous candles placed around the hall. The music is also unusual: rhythmic motifs of Barcelona tribes sound, to which it is impossible to stand still. You will be offered exotic drinks at the bar.

The Bling Bling Club Barcelona always plays jazz and blues tunes. There are many fans of this musical style in Barcelona, which is why the club is popular. The establishment is open 24 hours a day, so you can come here and taste delicious dishes to the sound of a saxophone.


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