Tata Magic vs Mahindra Supro : Best Minivan for your Business

As of today, Tata Motors and Mahindra are 2 strong contenders in manufacturing the best minivans in India. Tata Magic and Mahindra Supro, to illustrate are the best-selling models from these CV makers.

Both these vehicles cater to diverse commercial requirements. This similarity in application & pricing brings them in competition, demanding a major comparison. However, both do share a fair difference in terms of features & technologies equipped.

Comparison Between Tata Magic and Mahindra Supro

So, which one is a better choice for your business? Supro or Magic? Well, this blog answers this commonly asked question in a detailed way by analyzing their specs, performance, and USPs. However, firstly, let’s review their designs & dimensions.

  • Design and Dimensions

The design and dimensions of a minivan are quite crucial in determining the functionality for various operations. The table below breaks down the key characteristics of the Tata Magic and Mahindra Supro.

Tata Magic : Compact Efficiency 

This minivan is famous for its compact build, ensuring seamless navigation through tight space & traffic congestion. In addition, its dimensions, combined with a surprisingly spacious interior, maintains a balance that covers both maneuverability and functionality.

Specification Tata Magic
Length (mm) 3790
Width (mm) 1500
Wheelbase (mm) 2100
Seating Capacity 4+D (Driver)

Mahindra Supro : Spacious Comfort

As compared to Tata Magic, the Supro’s build focuses more on providing a comfortable interior. As a result, it’s a great option for fleet owners who majorly prioritize passenger comfort.

Specification Mahindra Supro
Length (mm) 3798
Width (mm) 1540
Wheelbase (mm) 1950
Seating Capacity 8+D (Driver)

Comparison Insight 

While both models cater to different design philosophies, the Tata Magic excels in urban environments with its compact dimensions. This functionality henceforth offers ease of navigation. In contrast, the Supro features a more spacious interior, making it an optimal choice for passenger-centric businesses.

  • Performance Metrics

This is yet another crucial comparison factor when considering purchasing either of the models. This is because performance metrics largely determine the model’s operational efficiency & cost effectiveness. Keep reading to know in detail about Tata Magic and Mahindra Supro’s performance.

Tata Magic : Fuel-Efficient 

The major performance highlight is Tata Magic’s fuel efficient engine that reduces fuel consumption without compromising its power performance ability. As a result, this model tops as the best economical choice for fleet operators seeking to minimize operational costs.

Specification Tata Magic
Engine Type Single Cylinder, Diesel
Displacement (cc) 611
Max Power (bhp) 16.8
Max Torque (Nm) 38
Transmission 4-Speed Manual

Mahindra Supro : Power-Packed Performance

The powerful engine is the major highlight of Supro’s performance, making the model best suited for various operational requirements. In addition, the engine is supported by a smooth 5-speed manual transmission system. Have a look at the table below for comprehensive engine specification information.

Specification Mahindra Supro
Engine Type 4-Cylinder, Diesel
Displacement (cc) 909
Max Power (bhp) 45
Max Torque (Nm) 98
Transmission 5-Speed Manual

Comparison Insight 

The Tata Magic’s focus on “fuel efficiency” makes it an economical choice for businesses with high mileage requirements. On the other hand, the Mahindra Supro features a power-packed engine catering to those seeking robust performance. Moreover, this model is specifically best suitable for applications with heavier loads or challenging terrains.

  • Cargo and Seating Capacity 

One of the best ways to judge a mini van’s veracity is its ability to be adaptable for diverse cargo & passenger configurations. So now let’s read how both these models fare in this aspect.

Tata Magic : Versatile Configurations 

This model from Tata is best known for its versatility, offering multiple seating configurations to accommodate various passenger needs. Moreover, this van is adaptable for cargo transport. Both these functionalities make it suitable for businesses covering diverse operational requirements.

Configuration Tata Magic
Passenger Variant 4+D (Driver)
Cargo Variant Yes
Seating Options Multiple configurations

Mahindra Supro : Customizable Options

Now here we have a similarity– Just like the Magic, the Mahindra Supro also provides customizable options for both cargo and passenger accommodations. Therefore, its flexibility allows businesses to manufacture vehicles as per specific needs.

Configuration Mahindra Supro
Passenger Variant 8+D (Driver)
Cargo Variant Yes
Seating Options Multiple configurations

Comparison Insight

Considering cargo & passenger transportation, both the Tata Magic and Mahindra Supro top the chart. Businesses can choose from a range of configurations, ensuring that the mini-vans align with their specific operational demands.

4. Fuel Efficiency vs. Power

Businesses often consider and sometimes get confused between whether to focus on fuel efficiency or robust engine. Let’s see if both these models rightly cater to these distinct needs.

Tata Magic : Focuses on Fuel Efficiency

This model comes with a single-cylinder diesel engine primarily focusing on fuel economy. As a result, this attribute makes Tata Magic an economical choice for fleet operators cutting down fuel costs over the vehicle’s durability.

Advantages Tata Magic
Fuel-Efficient Engine Economical fuel consumption
Suitable for High Mileage Cost-effective operations

Mahindra Supro : Power

Unlike the Tata’s minivan, the Mahindra Supro, with its 4-cylinder diesel engine, delivers a more powerful performance. Now this means that you should go for this model if you’re operating in challenging terrains.

Advantages Mahindra Supro
Powerful Engine Robust performance
Suitable for Varied Loads Enhanced capabilities

Comparison Insight 

The choice between both these models largely depends on the specific operational requirements. Now, if better mileage with fuel efficiency is your focus, Tata Magic is the clear choice. Conversely, businesses with heavier loads or demanding terrains should go with Mahindra Supro.

Wrapping Up

Both these mini vans from Mahindra and Tata Motors are top 2 contenders. Also, the answer to “which minivan is best” is quite subjective. A much practical approach should be that businesses must carefully evaluate their operational needs and priorities.

For example, one should consider Tata Magic if navigating through tight space constraints while focusing on fuel efficiency & passenger configurations adaptability. On the other hand, for operators prioritizing passenger comfort, more spacious interior, and requiring a powerful engine should go for the Mahindra Supro.

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