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Study MBA Abroad by Overseas Experts in Trivandrum

To pursue an MBA degree abroad can be a life-changing decision. It comes with a lot of opportunities in the job market. Also, it can genuinely improve your career goals and help you get good work prospects anywhere in the world. With an increment in MBA graduates, the management fields have also increased. Hence, it might be confusing for students to choose the perfect one that matches their skills. And that’s where the role of overseas experts comes into the picture! Hence, search for an agency nearby and have an open talk with them today.

Moreover, if you’re based in Trivandrum, please note there are many trusted overseas agencies around the city. Whether you’re looking for them in the city or in different towns, you can search online. Besides the South region, you can also look for overseas agents in the North, for instance, in the region of Jaipur, Udaipur, and more. So, students, don’t hesitate to reach out to a consultancy near you. Hence, get your doubts cleared by study abroad consultants Trivandrum today. Meanwhile, let’s learn why MBA to study abroad in the next section.

Why Study MBA Overseas?

Studying for an MBA can offer vast career opportunities. And getting an MBA degree overseas can be a valuable asset with your academic transcripts. Thus, in this section, you can find all the reasons why you should consider going abroad to pursue a management degree: 

Networking Scope

While studying for an MBA in a college abroad, you are actually learning with different people. These students come from various parts of the world and have varied experiences. Thus, meeting such people can help you form a wide network. So, be sure to take this as a benefit and acquire as many details as you can related to your field.

Enhance Skills and Knowledge

An MBA degree gives you a great amount of skills in your chosen domain. It makes people implement their talents in the outer world. For instance, solving real-life business problems by applying your tactics. Moreover, you can improve other crucial skills such as communication, leadership, analysis, etc.

High Earning Prospect

This might be one of the most significant reasons why students decide to pursue an MBA abroad. The ROI is the most crucial part offered by foreign countries which is much higher than in India. That states you will find better and high-earning jobs abroad.

So, you can earn more even after spending less on tuition fees abroad.

Hands-on Experience

Some of the world’s most prestigious business schools have a reputation for providing foreign students with valuable hands-on experience through internships and workshops. Thus, pursuing an MBA abroad can offer you a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge. Hence, gain exposure to diverse cultures and business practices. Besides this, it is also an excellent way to build a strong professional network by interacting with top-notch global recruiters. For instance, Deloitte, KPMG, and Bain. This can prove to be priceless in shaping your career path and opening up new chances for growth and success.

If you need more details, overseas experts can offer a one-on-one session for aspirants like you. Thus, ease your doubts with them! Further, let us move on to learn top MBA fields to study abroad!

Top 5 MBA Specializations to Study Abroad

With increasing demand, it’s important to choose a suitable specialization that fits your career goals. Thus, to help you pick one, you can take insights from these top 5 in-demand MBA fields to study abroad. Or do you want to talk about colleges providing these courses? Then, connect with study abroad consultants Trivandrum today!

  1. MBA in Marketing
  2. MBA in Finance
  3. MBA in Business Analytics
  4. MBA in International Business
  5. MBA in Operations Management

Learn about each one of them in the upcoming sections!

MBA in Marketing

For all those marketing enthusiasts, it is the most demanded discipline in MBA. If marketing and advertising are part of your skills, then you should consider this field. Meanwhile, you will study the promotion of products and services, marketing campaigns, etc.

In addition, you can expect topics such as market research and analysis, product creation, pricing, and other marketing subjects as part of your MBA program.

Let’s go through this table and learn more!

Marketing Job Profiles ² Digital Media Analyst

² Marketing Manager

² Product Manager

² Brand Manager

² Corporate Communication Head

² Corporate Sales

Average Annual Salary USD 104,000

 MBA in Finance

Have you had an interest in dealing with numbers since school? Then, an MBA in finance won’t stop exciting students like you. MBA in Financial Management contains subjects that help develop and execute techniques and tools. Moreover, finance graduates see themselves paid higher and always stay in demand. So, if solving financial problems excites you, an MBA in finance is a brilliant option.

Check the table below and learn about future work prospects for finance graduates abroad:

Finance Job Profiles ² Financial Analysis

² Investment Banking

² Financial Consulting

² Corporate Finance

Average Annual Salary USD 103,000

MBA in Business Analytics

Every business needs a bright leader who knows the value of data and holds the potential to analyze it quickly. Thus, with a degree in business analytics, you will be eligible to filter and study data as per the industry’s needs.

Further, learn about topics including predictive analysis, econometrics, and more. Let’s explore the work prospects after completing this degree.



Business Analytics Job Profiles ² Senior Data Analyst

² Data Scientist

² Supply Chain Analyst

² Business Analytics Manager

Average Annual Salary USD 85,000

MBA in International Business

This MBA domain is a clever option for aspirants who plan to work overseas after graduation. They can gain extra skills in finance, strategy and operations in a foreign setting. Thus, a degree in International Business will allow an individual to move to another country and start a new job.

Let’s explore job prospects after graduation via the table below:

International Business Job Profiles ² Export and Import Manager

² International Marketing Manager

² International Finance Manager

² Foreign Exchange Manager

Average Annual Salary USD 95,000

MBA in Operations Management

This field involves planning, organizing, and product design. Further, how does the delivery of a product take place? In addition, you will study topics such as Risk Analytics, Supply Chain, Service Management, etc. Thus, if this is what you’re looking for in your career, opt for this domain!

Besides, have a look at the job prospects one can get in future:



Operation Management Job Profiles ² Operations Manager

² Deputy Manager

² Supply Chain Manager

² Risk Manager

Average Annual Salary USD 111,000

Thus, these are the most in-demand MBA domains to study abroad. In addition, for more clarity and related facts, keep in touch with study abroad consultants Trivandrum near you.

Also, the next section covers the top countries to study MBA courses. Let’s keep the reading on!

Top Countries to Get an MBA Degree Abroad

Choosing the right place to study for an MBA can be one of the hectic chores. But not with the help of a skilled study-abroad expert. So, here comes the role of this section. It covers top nations to study MBA courses with its eligibility criteria. Moreover, overseas experts from the North or South region can help with your SOP and LOR so you can apply for the course as soon as possible.

United Kingdom

A student who has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce is eligible to apply for an MBA course in the UK. However, most UK colleges require a minimum of 3 years of full-time work experience with any MNC.

United States

To start studying for an MBA in the US, you must have a UG degree with 16 years of education. Also, a candidate with a master’s degree can apply for an MBA program in the States. However, in the case of an executive MBA, you must hold 2-10 years of prior work experience.


To pursue an MBA in Australia, you’ll need to have a UG degree from a renowned institution. However, if you opt for a specialized MBA program, you may require prior work experience of at least 2-3 years.


The same applies to Canada. To study MBA in Canada, you must have gained a UG degree in Commerce from a reputed college. However, in some cases, you might need to show previous full-time work experience of about 3 years.

New Zealand

To be eligible to study in NZ, you must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college. Besides this, the institutes might ask for 3-4 years of work experience in a related profession.

For more insights, you can connect with overseas experts based in cities like Trivandrum, Udaipur, etc. today.


Hopefully, you have an idea of the top MBA courses to study abroad through this article. However, it’s essential to choose a relevant domain to pursue your MBA degree at your dream destination. Also, to ease the process, you may need to look for study abroad experts in your city. They hold years of expertise in handling every complex situation and help accordingly. One such site that offers these services is, which operates in the South zone, including Trivandrum City. Other than this, you can also find them in the North region, such as Udaipur, Jaipur and nearby cities. They can guide you with Visa Assistance, Study Loans, Language tests, and more. Thus, start your journey today with study abroad Udaipur experts and turn your dream into reality.


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