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Study in Malta: Prep Guide by Udaipur’s Study Abroad Agents

Educational consultants are the experts who support you in various ways to make your studying in Malta dream true. Study abroad agents will let you know every detail about the opportunities and processes related to the field. Thus, a preparation guide is all you need to make the process smooth. So, if you don’t have any prior planning and budgeting to fly away to Malta for studies. Here is the source of help in making effective plans for study abroad.

If it’s hard to make plans and budget decisions, there are various study abroad consultants in Udaipur. The students in the city can visit nearby centres. For those who seek online consulting no need to worry. There are various online platforms like where you can apply in just one click. Move ahead to explore the perks of having a guide beforehand.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Preparation Guide from Experts?

Several benefits you can get through a preparation guide created by the experts in the field are as follows:

Proper Guidance

  • Firstly, they give a clear idea about your goals and preferences.
  • Secondly, they design a roadmap for your educational journey.
  • Thirdly, they navigate you through various options.

This is easy for study abroad agents as they know that each of you is unique. So they plan the process as per your requirements.

Simplified Application Process

You may find difficulty in documentation, deadlines & needs. Thus, a study abroad agent helps you in simplifying processes.

Unique SOP

Even, if you have a good academic record, you still need an excellent SOP (statement of purpose) while you apply for Malta colleges. Here, study abroad consultants in Udaipur guide helps you create a good SOP by adding up all the key elements that a college is looking for.

Visa Assistance

The visa process is not the same for all the nations. It requires a little help from a study abroad agent. They can guide you for any kind of visa. For instance, if you are looking for a Malta visa, a mock visa interview is taken by a study abroad counsellor. Further, tips and tricks are guided by them, to help you during the actual visa interview.

Quick Update with Opportunities

Study abroad agents are well aware of all the opportunities that are given by various colleges. As, they are connected with the educational community. These links can help you in getting unique chances of scholarships. As a result, grants you internships and research positions.

These are the advantages of hiring an expert for preparing a guide for your study abroad dream. Now the question might arise that what to consider to study in Malta. So, the following section will let you know the answer.

Things You Should Know Before Applying to Malta!

Here are few things that you will be requiring to perceive before you move to pursue your education in Malta. Consider the list created by the study abroad consultants in Udaipur.

  • Language

Firstly, Maltese and English language is used in Malta. Without learning the local languages, you will face difficulty in communicating with the residents.

  • Lifestyle

Secondly, easygoing lifestyle, the locals are very friendly, will help you out in any possible way. Various events are conducted every year. These includes opera, art exhibitions, rock festivals, and many others.

  • Climate

Thirdly, for those, who love hot months, Malta is a very good place to reside. However, the temperature rises in July and August. It rises higher than 30°C. In winter, the temperature drops below 10°C.

  • Cost of Living

Fourthly, living in Malta costs you around €250 as two adults share an apartment. Because of the lower minimum wage, the cost of living in Malta is much lower than in many other European countries.

  • Accommodation and other utilities

Lastly, Expenses incurred in domestic utilities are low in Malta. It depends on how you consume. Another reason is the total number of people living in your house. You can assume power and water bills below €50 per person.

These are some of the necessities to fulfil to pursue education in the country. Moving ahead to explore the other essentials to consider for a smoother process.

Other Requisite for Studying in Malta

In this section, you will be perceiving the necessities to ease the process of studying in the Malta without much ado.

Eligibility Criteria

UG Guidelines PG Guidelines
You should have the following documents:


  • Firstly, Academic qualification (10+2 marksheets)
  • Secondly, English proficiency proof
  • Thirdly, SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Lastly, LOR (Letter of Recommendation)
You should have the following documents:


  • Firstly, UG + Academic qualification (10+2)
  • Secondly, English proficiency proof
  • Thirdly, SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Lastly, LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

IELTS Scores Are Needed or Not?

Willing to fly to Malta for studies and you scored badly in IELTS or did not apply for it. Worry not, applying for Malta colleges doesn’t need IELTS scores. Although you need to prepare for the TOEFL IBT test. Although, basic English is required for admission to colleges located in Malta.

Process to Apply for Malta!

This is what you need :

  • Firstly, your passport
  • Secondly, proof of TOEFL ibt
  • Thirdly, past education certificates
  • Lastly, fill out an application form.

Malta Study Visa, Documents Needed:

  • Firstly, a valid Passport
  • Secondly, the Application form needs to be filled
  • Thirdly, passport size sphoto
  • Fourthly, proof of enough funds
  • Fifthly, Health Insurance
  • Further, proof of accommodation
  • After that, the Schengen Visa fee payment

There is no centralised authority to apply for Malta, you have to search on the particular college site. Moreover, to ease the task, you can seek help from the study abroad agents in town.

The Top Courses in Malta

Course Name Average Fee
Information Technology  €6,000 to €10,000 Per year (5.4L – 9L in INR )
Hospitality Management €7,000 to €10,000 Per year (6.4L- 9L in INR)
MBA €10,000 Per year (9L in INR)
Finance and Economics €7,000 Per year (6.4L in INR)
Health and Social care 1000 EUR per year (96000in INR)

Benefits of Study in Malta

  • Firstly, the low cost of living
  • Secondly, better business opportunities
  • Thirdly, easy visa approval
  • Fourthly, a safe and friendly environment
  • Lastly, English is used nationwide


A study abroad agent will give you the right advice on preparing documents. They will help you out in reviewing the documents. It is always beneficial to take the help of experts. Ultimately it increases the chances of getting admission. This results in flying for study in Malta with proper knowledge. Moreover, Malta is a wonderful place to study abroad, but you should always look for proper guidance to know the pros and cons. Hence, the final decision should be made after getting all the needed info and help.

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