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Popular Scholarships for Study in France for Indian Students 2024

Every student around the world dreams of Scholarships Study In France for Indian Students 2024 which is good news is that it’s now simpler than ever to acquire a scholarship to study in France. This article will explain to you why Study in France for Indian Students is fantastic and will also list some fantastic scholarships that you may apply to scholarships for 2024. Furthermore, more overseas scholarships are accessible than you may believe, particularly in France! France is a pioneer in many fields of research, to free you up to concentrate on your academics rather than the expense, we’ll look at some of the best scholarships France has to offer in 2024.

Before discussing scholarships, it is important to understand why they are important for students. Scholarships relieve some of the financial load so that students can concentrate on their studies!

Currently, many Indian students in France are studying with the help of scholarships. In the next few paragraphs, let’s examine France’s popular scholarships, which are helpful for Indian students in France.

Discussing 10 Amazing Scholarships To Study In France for Indian Students

This article reveals ten amazing scholarships for students that are specially meant to enable Indian students to travel to France for their further education. This list provides a method to make your dreams of studying in France come true, from university-specific rewards to government-funded initiatives.

French Excellence Charpak Scholarships

It is a scholarship for Indian students who wish to study in France can apply for Excellence Charpak scholarships from the French government. Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are available, along with semester exchange opportunities for students who are currently enrolled in India. Even financing for a summer research project at a French university is available. Studying overseas might become cheaper with the aid of these scholarships, which can help with living expenses in France. 

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

The French government provides scholarship opportunities and runs a fascinating program called the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship, which is essentially a cash reward meant to attract exceptional overseas students such as yourself to France for their Master’s or PhD studies. If selected, you will receive a monthly stipend to assist with living expenses while residing in France. Make sure your program fits their interests because this award is particularly interested in individuals who wish to concentrate on particular fields of study.

Legrand’s Powerful Academic Work

One of Legrand’s programs is the Legrand Empowering Scholarships for undergraduate students. Legrand is an electrical equipment manufacturer. It assists gifted Indian students particularly women in covering the cost of their post secondary education. The fellowship is intended for Indian females with high marks who wish to pursue bachelor’s degrees in science, engineering, architecture, or finance. Scholarships for handicapped and transgender students are also available. 

Shikhar Thales Scholarship

Only students from India who wish to pursue a master’s degree in one of the select engineering specialties such as communication systems, super smart machines (artificial intelligence), or aircraft are eligible for the Shikhar Thales Scholarship which provides international scholarships for Indian students. This scholarship can assist cover your monthly living expenses if you’re from India, have outstanding marks, and want to study certain engineering subjects in France.

Amba Dalmia Scholarship

This scholarship is to study in France for Indian students mainly Indian women and their artistic aspirations in France, the Amba Dalmia Scholarship is an excellent chance! The Franco-India Education Trust is offering this scholarship, which helps pay for courses in creative subjects including dance, theater, music, art, and even cuisine!  The Amba Dalmia Scholarship may be the ideal choice for you if you’re an Indian woman who is passionate about these subjects and wants to study in France for a Master’s degree or even a shorter program!

Film Media And Scholarship

Apply for Scholarships for cinema and new media are similar to gift cards for movie buffs! They assist with financing living expenses and tuition for college or film school. These scholarships might transform your life if you enjoy producing movies, editing them, animating them, or doing anything else creative with videos. With a strong portfolio showcasing your abilities, a compelling essay, and outstanding grades, you could just land one and pursue your ambitions of being a movie star!

French + Science Scholarship

Are you a science or tech student wanting to improve your French and experience France’s awesome science scene? Then the French+Sciences Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in France 2024 can greatly help. This short program brings international students to France to learn French, visit research centers, and experience French culture. They’ll even cover your flight, living expenses, accommodation, and some fun activities! It’s a fantastic chance to boost your French and see how science is done in France.

Fellowship Of Raman Charpak 

With these scholarships for Indian Students to Study in France 2024, Indian students get the chance to complete a portion of their studies in a French university or research and development center. A monthly income of €1500, a round-trip economy ticket from India to France, and extra funding for attending a conference or workshop during the fellowship period are among the benefits provided.

Co-financed Scholarship

Co-funded scholarships are essentially a collaboration to study in France from India between two organizations to assist students in covering the costs of their education. Envision this scenario: Organization A contributes a certain amount of money, and Organization B matches it to increase the scholarship payout. For students, this can be an excellent alternative because it aggregates resources from many sources, which may result in increased financial support.

Make Our Planet Great Again

Make Our Planet Great Again, or MOPGA is an initiative that provides scholarships for Indian students to study in France in 2024. It also provides young researchers who have recently received their PhDsthose who are less than five years old—with the chance to go to France and work on important environmental concerns. Studying our planet, combating climate change and coming up with sustainable solutions, investigating new environmentally friendly energy sources, comprehending the social ramifications of environmental issues, and advocating for a “One Health” strategy to maintain the health of people, animals, and the environment all fall under this category.


Learning in France can change a person profoundly, both intellectually and personally. These scholarships will enable you to concentrate on your education while taking advantage of everything that France has to offer!  There are other scholarships available, so be sure to look around to find the best fit. For more assistance, check out “overseas education consultants in Jaipur, India” on the internet if you’re an Indian student in Jaipur who wants to study in France. These advisors can help you identify the most suitable scholarship for your requirements.

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