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Studying abroad is no less than a dream of every student. But, the cost of studying always remains a challenge. However, funds can help you be financially stable and follow your dreams. If live in India, you can get good support from the best study abroad consultants in India. So now, without financial stress, you can study in abroad. Education overseas can be productive with apt guidance. In the queue, aspirants getting a scholarship is a victory. This article helps you to know the eligibility, types of funds, and ways to apply.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria For a Scholarship?

The eligibility criteria for different study scholarship options vary according to their type. For example, students from a good academic background can apply for merit-based scholarships. For example, if a student is not well in study then the student will not be able to get merit-based funds. In that scenario, students should highlight the extracurricular activities. If you live in India, you can get help from the best study abroad consultants in India.

Types of Scholarships

Getting a Scholarship is not easy. It might be a tough process. Moreover, you can visit which is the best study abroad consultancy in India. They can make the tough process easy for you.

Let’s get a quick idea about the types of scholarships.

Need-based Funds:

These are financial aids for students who can’t afford an abroad education. Fund providers check the income of parents and the ability to pay tuition fees. Also, they should belong to the backwards caste of society. Some grants from this category provide complete funds. Also, some provide only tuition fees, so amounts may vary.

1. National overseas scholarships: 

It is a most popular need-based fund for students. The study scholarship aims to promote social and economic justice. Thus, the motive is to improve the financial status of students.

To secure this scholar’s age should be below 35 years. Family income should be less than 6 LPA and the student must have acquired 55% in the last year of study. The time duration of the course is 2 years.

2. Fulbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship:

This scholarship is a merit and need-based study scholarship. This scholarship helps scholars who want to pursue a masters in the US. It is for highly motivated students who want to do a master’s. Students are committed to returning and contributing to their communities in India.

Students must have a bachelor’s degree from a named college. They must have a score of at least 55%. The student has either completed 4 years of bachelor’s degree or earned a diploma. They must have 3 years of work experience.

3. Cornell University Tata Scholarship: 

This is an undergraduate Scholarship program. It removes financial stress from students. It is a need-based and college-specific scholarship. But there is no fixed scholarship amount and it is renewed every year.The eligibility criteria for the fund is the student must be an Indian citizen. Aspirants have scored more than 70% in school Without an education gap. Also, they must have a TOEFL score of 100 and an IELTS score of 7.

Merit-based Scholarship

It has been seen that students who have great merit find it tough to afford an education abroad. Thus there are different study scholarship options for the merit holders to promote education abroad.

1. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s degree: 

This program is for the student who is pursuing a master’s. The European countries give this fund. It also gives me a chance to study in a European country. The eligibility criteria are the student must be Indian and must have a bachelor’s degree.

2. Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation scholarship: 

It is a merit-based scholarship. This fund is for the students who want to pursue MPhil, master and doctoral programs. Yet, the funds started in 1976, and the amount given is between 80k to 1lakh. The age should be more than 30. Also, areas of study are arts, humanity and mathematics having their criteria.

Whichever type of scholarship you are applying for, you must be patient. After researching well about the correct type what’s next? This question comes to mind. The next step is to apply for the scholarship. Read continually to know the essential points.

How to Apply for Scholarships?

From the queue of aspirants to study abroad, it is tough to get scholarships. The process of applying for the funds is time-consuming. You can follow our tips and suggestions to make it easy.

Ø Organize All Documents: From expert guidance, you can manage all legal papers. Hence, it saves time and adds value.

Ø Research Properly: Before applying for the scholarship, students should do research. Then register for funds according to the criteria in the apt category.

Ø Apply Before Deadlines: Students must apply before deadlines. They must know the right time to apply.

Ø Apply for Different Programs: Students should apply for several programs. So, there are many chances. This increases the chances of getting selected in the apt category.

Ø Take Help from Consultants: The best study abroad consultants in India can help you. They must have skills and experts to guide you to the best.


In conclusion, we can say that studying abroad is the dream of every student. Students should have the knowledge and basic idea to apply for funds. Indian students can get apt guidance from the study abroad consultancy in India. experts give support and guidance to compile documents. In other words, the experts make the process simple for the students to pursue their dreams.

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