Student assessment of education and learning

Assessment is a crucial aspect of learning and education as it assures you that your child is on the right track. Choosing the best school and a renowned curriculum plan would prove useless if you do not conduct regular assessments to ensure it yields the best results. 

Even the schools and the curriculum programs understand this, which is why Cambridge IGCSE conducts exams and evaluation tests. The results of these exams or tests indicate how well your children are grasping concepts and whether you can rest assured that they are moving toward a fruitful future. 

Whether you are looking for the best international school  for a primary level or class 2 admission, it is crucial to check if they follow a stringent assessment policy. It will help you know what efforts you would have to make and what levels your child has to qualify to move to the next class. 

How Assessment of Education and Learning is Fruitful

Let us discuss some of the benefits of assessments in education and learning for students to keep you convinced to check these details before final enrolment. 

Help Move Forward

If schools have no exams or tests, how will you know which child is qualified enough to move to the next class? If they keep leveling up without any assessment, it would mean you do not have clarity on whether the student is ready for the next class. Hence, it is significant to conduct exams to prove that the students are well-qualified for the standard to which they are promoted. 

Learn About Performance Levels

Exams and assessments are a simple way to learn about the performance level of children. It is crucial to know these details because parents and educators need to know if all the efforts toward academic excellence are proving apt. Based on the assessment results, the teachers can redesign their strategies and follow the evaluation process that gives a fair idea of the performance levels. 

Understand Learning Styles

Another crucial aspect of education is to identify the learning style of children. Understand that every child has varied learning patterns and can excel if only the educator designs a plan based on the customized learning curve. Assessments help identify these patterns, and the teachers can then plan classroom training sessions based on the information they get. 


Any child would want to do best in the evaluation tests or the exams. So, he would learn every concept wholeheartedly. It also develops a sense of competitiveness in children, making them study hard enough to get a better score than other students. This spirit will improve their knowledge level and understanding of concepts only to get more marks! 

In a nutshell

The significance of introducing the assessment concept into education and learning is undoubtedly more than anything else. Know that schools follow different kinds of assessment processes at different levels, so it is crucial to get the information from the school before going ahead with the final enrolment. Choose the best school, ensure your child passes the stringent assessment process, and rest assured that the educational journey of your child will be fruitful.

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