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6 Creative Stained Glass Concepts for Your Custom Home

When you build a luxury custom home, you have the opportunity to go all out on decor. Stained glass has been a mark of luxury since ancient times and has resurfaced in popularity once more. With stained glass, you can articulate the beauty of your home in very interesting ways.

When you’re looking to build a luxury custom home in Vancouver, stained glass can elevate its beauty to new heights. Need help with where you can use stained glass? Well, there are several options and that’s what we are going to cover today.

Let’s check out a few interesting stained glass concepts for your custom home:

  • Channel Victorian architecture with windows

Stained glass was invented thousands of years ago. However, it became really popular in England in the 7th century and after a few hundred years, it became a perfected art form. That’s why stained glass is usually associated with Victorian architecture and some of the architectural masterpieces remain intact in modern times.

You can draw inspiration from classical architecture and use stained glass windows while building a custom home. Whether you are building a new home or simply want to breathe life into an existing one, you can never go wrong with stained glass. Moreover, modern stained glass windows don’t need a lot of custom work. They come as premade pieces along with their frame and insulation. That’s why you won’t incur Victorian costs because of the Victorian decor.

  • Privacy screens

Looking to build privacy screens for your outdoor patio, pergola or some other structure? Stained glass is the best option for the job. Luxury home builders in Vancouver often create beautiful backdrops for outdoor spaces with stained glass and the property of this type of glass makes it perfect for protecting your privacy. They allow the perfect amount of light in different colours while keeping prying eyes out.

  • Use it on the stairwell

Stairwells are an architectural feature that presents you with irresistible opportunities to decorate them. If you have stairwell windows, replace them with artsy stained glass that acts as a decor piece. They add an extra bit of light while appearing in different flavours throughout the day. For instance, if you add stained glass that also changes colour, it increases the visual appeal of your home and impresses your guests every time.

  • Glass doors

Doors are another great place for placing stained glass. Wouldn’t glass doors be prone to damage and make break-ins easy? However, modern technology allows Vancouver custom home building companies to use thick reinforced glass that can withstand shock, a ton of force and violent impact. As a bonus, reinforced glass doors bring more light into the room without compromising security.

Worried about your local HOA(Homeowner’s Association) rules? Most HOAs agree upon the use of stained glass as long as it meets their specified colour requirements. If your local HOA isn’t in favour of doors completely made from glass, you can choose to add glass inserts to your door. These kinds of doors also increase the value of your home and help you upsell it.

  • Stained glass lights

When construction companies in Vancouver need to add both lighting and art at the same time, they use stained glass light fixtures, panels and boxes for the job. Stained glass in interesting patterns is a form of art when you turn it into a light, you add another layer of depth to the art piece. They are also especially useful for setting the mood of a space.

For instance, when you want to decorate your home bar or wine cabinet, stained glass light boxes and panels fit right in. Imagine your wine room with a backlit stained glass panel of an Italian vineyard. This kind of decor leaves a lasting impression on your guests and truly turns your personal space into a masterpiece.

  • Shower with stained glass

Stained glass shower enclosures are truly magnificent in every sense of the word. You feel like you have been transported to an otherworldly location when you go super artsy with the shower glass. Try it out and you’ll never go back to boring frosted glass.

Stained glass is very delicate and needs to be handled with extreme care and caution. That’s why it’s important to hire the services of a reputable and reliable custom home building company to add the above-mentioned modifications to your home’s design.

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