Should You Get a Survey When Buying a Home in West Kelowna?

A residential land survey is usually not a priority when buying a new home. But don’t underestimate the value of a land survey- even in a seller’s market where competitive buyers are simply hoping to have a clean offer accepted. A survey can be a smart investment to avoid many legal complications in the future. 

What is a Land Survey?

A residential land survey is a thorough, aerial view drawing or diagram that clearly illustrates the boundaries of your land, complete with measurements and other details such as land features. It is an official and reliable way to get a precise measurement of your land.

A real estate transaction involves many forms of land surveys and certificates. They are as follows:

  • Boundary/Mortgage Survey
  • Improvement Location Certificate (ILC)
  • Standard Lot & Block Survey
  • Elevation Certificate
  • ALTA survey

It is critical to understand the distinctions between these surveys and certificates to choose the appropriate one for the property you are purchasing.

Reasons to Get Residential Land Survey

Land surveys can prove to help reveal any potential difficulties or flaws with the property. Here are five reasons why buyers should get a residential land survey.

  1. Land surveys reveal what you are purchasing

Many people are unaware that fencing lines are not boundary lines. Using man-made demarcations such as fences or natural barriers such as rivers, hedges, or tree lines is unreliable. The current or previous owner may have built on land that is not included in the legal description, giving buyers a false sense of what is available for purchase. As a result, having the property inspected is critical to ensuring that you are getting what you paid for.

  1. Land surveys indicate where you can and cannot build.

When constructing a new addition such as a garage, driveway, home, deck, or patio, you must ensure that you are doing it on your property or risk the financial loss of a takedown and rebuild. A land survey will tell you exactly where the property boundaries are, allowing you to plan in future if such increments can be made to the property.

  1. Land surveys let you know if a neighbour has built on your property.

Your neighbour may already have any of the aforementioned structures on your potential land or may attempt to develop them in the future. A residential survey safeguards you from these potential problems.

  1. A Residential Land Survey Will Provide You with More Peace of Mind

Property surveys also provide peace of mind when planning future projects such as a fence, home expansion, or deck. No homeowner likes to discover that they have constructed on their neighbour’s land and would like it removed immediately.

  1. Land Surveys Are Essential When Selling Your Home

Hiring a land surveyor is also a smart idea if you want to divide and sell your property in the future.  A land surveyor will be able to evaluate whether the property has any flaws that could reduce its value, which will help you sell it at the best possible price. They may even assist you in obtaining approval during city or county council meetings, as well as in providing information on easements, which are used to plan how to develop or build on the land.

To summarise, a residential land survey is essential for a homebuyer because it lets you know if you are getting what you paid for. You must only hire licensed and experienced West Kelowna Land Surveyors to survey your new home. Core Geomatics is a Calgary-based company that has over ten years of experience in providing precise and tailored Residential Land Surveys in West Kelowna. Visit their website to know what other survey services they offer.

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