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Short-Form Video: The Essential Part of Your Content Strategy

Short-Form Video

Short-Form Video

Customers today love videos and frequently prefer them to any other type of content. Businesses, too, are taking note and preparing to fulfil this choice and the resulting demand.

In particular, video marketing is growing and reaching more consumers than ever before across the most popular social media platforms.

This effect is the outcome of the rise of short-form videos. And if you haven’t already incorporated these into your content strategy, now is the time to start.

By providing short bursts of entertainment, information, or educational content, you’re giving consumers a new way to engage with the world and with your particular brand.

If you need another reason to use them, consider that short videos already have the highest ROI of any other social media strategy.

As attention spans continue to shorten, capturing consumers’ attention is becoming more and more challenging. This is where short content can help.

What are short videos?

Short videos are those that average between 60 seconds and two minutes and 20 seconds.

However, depending on each platform, the optimal video length may be shorter or longer.

For example, TikTok now allows short videos of up to three minutes, while on Instagram Reels it is 60 seconds.

YouTube is the furthest away, allowing longer videos with short content up to ten minutes.

Short videos are a way for brands and creators to present content in a new way, share information or convey a message.

They can be used strategically in marketing content to capture the emotions of the audience and personalise the brand.

Consumers engage personally with your brand through these videos. With video advertising, you can grab their attention at different points in the buyer’s journey.

Short video content is already an ideal way to reach millennials as well as younger generations who increasingly prefer short videos over all other types of media currently available.

Advantages of short video

Short videos provide a means for people to consume information quickly. When done well, they can help you build brand identity and lead to higher conversions.

The advantages or benefits of short videos are numerous, including the following

Promotes higher engagement

Short videos can encourage greater engagement with your target audience, especially the younger generation who value video above all other forms of content.

Videos are often shared on social media, and providing a space for feedback and comments can lead to more engagement and interaction between your brand and customers.

The result is memorable content

Short content is easier to consume and remember, so avoid excessive fluff that adds nothing to the message or theme of the video. This makes it more impressive and memorable for your target audience.

Ranking higher in Google search results

Videos, even in short form, benefit your SEO by holding visitors’ attention longer and keeping them on the platform, which can lead to higher Google rankings.

Google’s algorithm takes into account how much time users spend on websites like YouTube and ranks them higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). It increases the number of opened emails

Adding short video content to your email marketing campaign can increase email open rates. For best effect, be sure to include the word “video” in the subject line of your email. It brings you in front of your target audience.

Consumers today are experiencing shrinking attention spans due to the constant onslaught of visual content competing for their time.

By leveraging the power and appeal of short content, you can get ahead of the competition and capture a larger portion of your target audience.

It creates community

Short video campaigns can create a sense of community among viewers.

For example, a brand call to action can encourage viewers to try something new, share their specific insights, and participate in a contest or trend.

Thus, participants often feel connected to the brand and to the community of other participants of the brand challenge.

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