SBI Mutual Fund: Unlocking the Right Wealth Creation


SBI Mutual Fund has established itself among the largest mutual fund houses in India. SBI Asset Management Company was formed by a partnership between the State Bank of India and the Society General Asset Management Company. This fund house has become a trusted partner for investors to start their investment journey.

This article will explore the fundamentals which have built this fund house as a strong player in the financial market. Furthermore, closely studying the various benefits of investing in it, listing the top funds, and suitability to a variety of investors. Let us begin with the analysis of this Mutual Fund house.


It is a very important part to keep in mind before starting one’s investment journey. To simplify these aspects, the following are some points to study more carefully:


This is among the most important features of a Mutual fund company. It involves a fair and transparent projection of the facts. It means showing the books to clients that contain information regarding the company’s internal condition.


This fund house offers high liquidity which allows investors to buy and sell units as per their needs at any time. This liquidity allows investors to access their funds immediately. It would be a really helpful tool in case of emergencies.

Tax efficiency

Many mutual funds provide tax advantages, depending on the fund category and how long the investor keeps it. Consider equity-linked savings schemes (ELSS) in India. These funds offer tax breaks under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.


Impressive track record

This Fund had a very impressive performance in the past years. This fund house works efficiently to generate potential returns. It has performed consistently while maximizing the profits for its investors.

Professional fund management

A team of knowledgeable and experienced people always comes in handy. This fund house has hired a well-qualified team of managers that take care of the workings of a particular fund scheme. Their expertise ensures the smooth and systematic functioning of funds.

Diverse fund schemes

This mutual fund house has offered a distributed range of funds. They have categorized the schemes among different sectors. This efficient strategy reduces the risk and enhances the growth of a fund.


Mr. R Srinivasan (CIO equity)

MR R. Srinivasan is the Chief Investment Officer with 30 years of experience in the financial industry. He plays a vital role in the company and has been associated with SBI Mutual Fund since 2009. He holds a postgraduate degree in Commerce and completed his MFM from the University of Mumbai. He was the Head of Equity before taking on his current post. Currently, he directs the operation of various funds.


SBI Small Cap

Investment objective

This scheme’s goal is to generate income and long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diverse portfolio of small and midcap companies that are equities and equity-related.

Fund house name: SBI MF

Category: Equity small-cap

CAGR: 20.59%

Benchmark: S&P BSE 250 small-cap TRI

SBI Contra Fund

Investment objective

This scheme aims to invest in inexpensive stocks that are out of trend but have the potential to develop significantly in the long run.

Fund house name: SBI MF

Category: Equity – contra

CAGR: 17.03 %

Benchmark: S&P BSE 500 TRI

SBI Magnum Midcap Fund

Investment objective

This scheme plans to give people the chance for long-term capital growth while maintaining the liquidity of an open-ended scheme by investing mainly in a well-diversified basket of Midcap equity equities.

Fund house name: SBI MF

Category: Equity mid-cap

CAGR: 17.12%

Benchmark: NIFTY mid-cap 150 TRI

SBI Healthcare Opportunities Fund

Investment objective

This scheme tries to maximize the potential for growth by investing in pharmaceutical stocks.

Fund house name: SBI MF

Category: Equity sectoral pharma & healthcare

CAGR: 15.44%

Benchmark: S&P BSE Healthcare TRI

SBI Multi Asset Allocation Fund

Investment objective

This scheme works to provide investors with consistent income, liquidity, and desirable returns while reducing the impact of interest rate risk through an actively managed portfolio of variable and fixed rate debt instruments, equities, money market instruments, and commodities.

Fund house name: SBI MF

Category: Hybrid multi-asset allocation

CAGR: 9.22%

Benchmark: NIFTY 50 TRI, CRISIL 10-year Gilt, domestic price


Long-term investors

Long-term investing provides the highest capital gains. Various funds under their schemes generate returns through long-term investing. By staying engaged for an extended period, investors can benefit from compounding, fight out volatility in the markets, and even achieve big capital gains.

Investors seeking professional management

SBI MF leads with a team of experts and experienced fund managers in the financial industry. These people are the masterminds behind the success of the overall mutual fund house. Investors can take advantage of their talents by investing in their fund schemes.

Goal-oriented investors

Investors with particular goals and objectives may profit from investing in this fund house. It provides a diverse selection of fund schemes that satisfy the needs of a wide variety of investors. Whether it’s asset buying and selling, retirement planning, education funding, or buying a home.

Diversified portfolio seekers

This fund house is suitable for those who want to invest in a well-diversified portfolio of fund schemes. It provides many mutual fund schemes that are tailored to the investor’s objectives.


To sum it up, this fund is a great choice for investors to start their investment journey with. SBI Mutual Fund believes in teamwork and puts significant emphasis on generating good returns on investments.

Furthermore, it also provides an option for an online Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), which allows investors to save monthly. This article has summarized all the necessary information which will provide insight to make an informed decision for the investor. The top-performing funds come in a variety of categories, reflecting the fund’s commitment to producing strong returns.

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