Guide To DIY-ing RGB LED Strip Lights For Your Gaming Room

Guide To DIY-ing RGB LED Strip Lights For Your Gaming Room

Mood lights are becoming a new trend, with gamers and creators most enthusiastic about creating a unique space for their art and skills. Changing the lighting of a space is a great way to elevate its aesthetics and set a different tone. 

But if you plan to buy RGB LED strip lighting for your gamer room ideas, there are a few considerations, as the process can get tricky. This guide will provide all the essential steps to light up your room and make your gaming experience more immersive. 

Steps To Transform Your Gaming Room With RGB LED Lights 

Follow the below steps to create a stunning ambiance for your gaming room and level up your gaming experience.

Step 1: Choose An RGB Addressable LED Strip Lights

RGB addressable is one of the many LED strips with several addresses and colors. Every LED features its chip, allowing you to trigger each of them separately for color changing, strobing, and chasing. 

When looking for a reasonable RGB LED strip price in India, you must find one with the highest quality and multiple customizable colors, brightness levels, and effects. 

Step 2: Key Locations & Measurements

To create a killer gamer room with perfect LED light, you may need to determine the crucial areas where you want to add the lighting. These could be behind your gaming monitor, cabinets, shelves, behind the television, or even the ceiling perimeter. 

Don’t forget to note down the length requirement of each location. You will generally find that an RGB LED strip is around 10 meters or 5 meters per roll.  

Step 3: RGB LED Strip Installation 

Once you know where to mount the addressable LED strip, clean the region and ensure it is dry. It could be at the back of your TV or lining the ceiling. Next, buy RGB LED strip that comes with an adhesive backing. 

You need to remove it and cautiously stick it in its specified area, tracing the shape of your RGB gaming room.

Step 4: Power Supply Connection & Control

Next, connect your RGB LED light strip to the correct power supply while ensuring accurate voltages. Some may also connect a controller to the LED strip and the power. You may use the controller to alter the effects, brightness, and colors.  

Step 5: Additional Effects For Better Results 

In addition to finding the right RGB LED strip price in India, you may consider buying a diffuser to develop a more diffused and even effect. You may also include accent lights to underline your gaming areas and artwork. 

Step 6: Explore Options for Control & Automation

You can also look for other integration and automation solutions. Like voice commands to control your RGB LED lights with smart systems. These could be Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Some also connect LED strip lighting to their gaming components to sync the lighting effects. 


Creating an aesthetically pleasing gamer room with RGB LED strips is a great way to boost your gaming experience. The setting will completely immerse you in your in-game scenes. You can follow the above steps to easily install the LED strips in any area of your choice in your gaming room.


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