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Ragavi Hospital: No.1 Multi-Speciality Healthcare in Kukatpally

In the bustling city of modern Hyderabad, Ragavi Hospital has emerged as a beacon of modern-day comprehensive and compassionate healthcare, providing a wide range of modern-day multi-specialty services to cater to the numerous medical wishes modern-day the community. This facility, equipped with contemporary technology and staffed by skilled specialists, has placed itself as a one-stop answer for people’s present-day pinnacle-notch hospital treatment within the region.

Meet the professionals at Ragavi Hospital:

One of the key strengths of present-day Ragavi Hospital is its outstanding team today’s specialists who play pivotal roles in making sure the very best standards of modern-day care across diverse scientific disciplines. allow us take better study brand new prominent professionals contributing to the hospital’s success.

Pediatrician: Dr. Bhargavi Arun

Dr. Bhargavi Arun

Dr. Bhargavi Arun, a famend pediatrician, is indispensable to today’s Ragavi health center team. With a wealth of today’s experience in pediatric care, Dr. Arun is dedicated to ensuring the fitness and well-being latest the youngest members of ultra-modern the community. Her understanding extends to a wide range of contemporary pediatric services, inclusive of routine check-ups, vaccinations, and the management of present-day diverse youth ailments.

Dr. Arun’s dedication to children’s health goes past medical information. She takes a holistic approach, considering no longer the most effective physical but also the emotional and developmental factors contemporary a child’s well-being. This method resonates with Dad and Mom, fostering an experience of present-day belief and confidence in the care provided by means of Ragavi Health Facility’s pediatric branch.

Services offered:

  • Painless Ear Piercing:
  • Vaccinations for Adults and Children
  • Pediatric Health Problems
  • Lactation & Nutrition Counseling

As a lactation and vitamin counselor, Dr. Arun is going past the traditional position of a pediatrician, spotting the interconnectedness of different factors in an infant’s ordinary health. Her dedication to offering not only clinical answers but also steering on important aspects like nutrition and breastfeeding underscores her commitment to the well-being of her younger patients and their families.

Gynecologist: Dr. Sruthi Reddy

Dr. Sruthi Reddy

Dr. Sruthi Reddy, a leading gynecologist, brings her information to the women’s fitness branch at Ragavi health center. With a focus on supplying complete gynecological care, Dr. Reddy addresses a spectrum of ultra-modern girls’s health issues, from ordinary examinations to specialized approaches.

Dr. Reddy is known for her compassionate approach to women’s healthcare. She is aware of the precise needs and worries presented day her patients, developing a comfortable environment for open verbal exchange. This affected person-centric technique is essential in addressing reproductive fitness, modern-day planning, and gynecological conditions, making sure that women receive customized and effective care.

Services offered:

  • Reproductive health
  • Pregnancy & Prenatal care
  • Menstrual disorders
  • STDs
  • Infertility

Anesthesia: Dr. Arunendra Reddy

Dr. Arunendra reddy

Within the realm of contemporary surgical interventions, the function trendy an anesthesiologist is paramount. Dr. Arunendra Reddy, an experienced anesthesiologist at Ragavi Hospital, plays a critical part in ensuring the protection and luxury of modern patients undergoing diverse approaches. His information lies in administering anesthesia tailored to the particular wishes of today’s patients, whether for most important surgical procedures or minor interventions.

Dr. Reddy’s dedication to affected person protection is evident in his meticulous technique for pre-operative assessments and his vigilance for the duration of surgical processes. The seamless collaboration among Dr. Arunendra Reddy and the surgical groups at Ragavi Clinic contributes to the overall fulfillment and wonderful effects of cutting-edge diverse clinical interventions.

General Physician: Dr. Akhil Pattamatta

Dr. Akhil Pattamatta, a widespread physician, serves as a cornerstone in the Ragavi health facility’s dedication to comprehensive healthcare. With a vast spectrum of modern-day medical know-how, Dr. Pattamatta addresses a diffusion of state-of-the-art health concerns, from routine ailments to complicated scientific conditions.

As a trendy doctor, Dr. Pattamatta’s brand new frequently serves as the first-factor trendy touch for patients searching for modern scientific advice. His diagnostic acumen and patient-friendly approach contribute to the effectiveness of modern-day number-one care at Ragavi Clinic. Dr. Pattamatta’s role isn’t the handiest reactive but also proactive, emphasizing preventive care and fitness training to empower sufferers in managing their well-being.

Services offered:

  • Viral fever
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Blood Pressure
  • Hyper tension
  • Pneumonia
  • Viral Infections
  • Asthma

Patient-Centric Care:

The presence of these distinguished professionals highlights Ragavi Hospital’s dedication to supplying affected person-centric care. each expert brings a unique combination of trendy expertise, empathy, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring that sufferers obtain not most effective and pleasant clinical remedy but also compassionate and customized attention.

Ragavi Multi Speciality is familiar with the significance of modern-day building a strong doctor-affected person dating. The experts, consisting of Dr. Bhargavi Arun, Dr. Sruthi Reddy, Dr. Arunendra Reddy, and Dr. Akhil Pattamatta, actively interact with their sufferers, taking the time to concentrate on their concerns, provide an explanation for diagnoses, and involve them within the choice-making process. This obvious and communicative approach fosters belief and self-assurance in the healthcare furnished via Ragavi Health Center.

Cutting Edge Facilities:

Beyond the know-how, and modern medical experts, Ragavi Hospital contributes significantly to its reputation as a one-forestall solution for multi-area of expertise healthcare. The medical institution is equipped with superior diagnostic tools,  generation, and contemporary infrastructure to guide a wide range of state-of-the-art scientific services.

The pediatric department is designed with the consolation and well-being of brand-new kids in mind. colorful and toddler-friendly areas create soothing surroundings, decreasing tension for younger patients and their dads and moms. Furthermore, the ladies’ health department, surgical suites, and widespread remedy wards are designed to optimize patient consolation and restoration.

Network Engagement and Preventive Healthcare:

Ragavi Medical Institution extends its impact beyond its walls through network engagement and preventive healthcare projects. The hospital actively participates in fitness camps, recognition programs, and educational workshops to sell early detection of ultra-modern illnesses and encourage a proactive technique for health.

The experts at Ragavi Hospital, including Dr. Bhargavi Arun, Dr. Sruthi Reddy, Dr. Arunendra Reddy, and Dr. Akhil Pattamatta, are actively involved in community outreach efforts. They proportion their information and expertise to empower individuals with the records and gear needed to lead healthier lives. those tasks align with the medical institution’s vision of state-of-the-art no longer simply treating illnesses but also preventing them via education and recognition.


Ragavi Multi Speciality Hospital has placed itself as a beacon of cutting-edge healthcare excellence in Hyderabad, supplying a complete variety of ultra-modern multi-uniqueness services led by outstanding specialists. The collaborative efforts of present-day Dr. Bhargavi Arun, Dr. Sruthi Reddy, Dr. Arunendra Reddy, and Dr. Akhil Pattamatta contribute to the health facility’s recognition as a one-forestall answer for people state-of-the-art pinnacle-notch medical care.

as the healthcare landscape keeps adapting, Ragavi Hospital remains dedicated to imparting reachable, compassionate, and superior hospital therapy. through affected person-centric processes,  centers, and network engagement, Ragavi Clinic is poised to make an enduring effect on the fitness and well-being latest the humans in modern-day Hyderabad, ensuring a healthier and brighter future for the network it serves.


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