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Popular Engineering Specializations to Study in New Zealand in 2024

Want to pursue Engineering in New Zealand? Read this article to learn more about the popular engineering courses you can study. This article will give you a list of the most popular courses available in the country and tell you everything you need to know.

So read on and find out more about why studying engineering is the right choice if you’re planning to pursue your education in New Zealand. So, let’s get started!

10 Popular Engineering Courses to Study in New Zealand

  • Network Engineering
  • Sustainable Engineering Systems
  • Cybersecurity Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Robotics and Automation Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering Civil Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Top 5 Most Popular Engineering Courses to Study in New Zealand

  1. Network Engineering

Network Engineering is the dealing with planning, design, and technical specifications of a project. Network engineers ensure the smooth functioning of data and communication networks. A masters degree teaches you to develop, build and maintain network solutions created for the various needs of a public or private organization. The program teaches advanced network programming and automation.

Career prospects after pursuing this course include Network Security Engineer, Senior systems Engineer, and IP Engineer to name a few.

  1. Sustainable Engineering Systems

Sustainable Engineering is a way of designing and creating things that are not harmful to the environment or lead to any damage to natural resources. A masters course in the subject covers various topics related to sustainability. This degree teaches you to develop decision-making skills when it comes to complex sustainability problems. You are also required to conduct research in sustainable engineering. This branch of engineering is an up-and-coming field as more of the world is becoming aware of the effects of climate change and there is an active move towards sustainability around the world.

Careers in this field of engineering include jobs in roles of Sustainability Consultant, Renewable energy engineer, Environmental Engineer, and Energy Efficiency Engineer to name a few. It is a course fast gaining traction is why study in New Zealand is becoming popular among students.

  1. Cybersecurity Engineering

Cybersecurity Engineering is the management of hardware and software security for the protection of data, networks, and systems. The engineers in this field design secure systems that are the interface of operational technology and information technology. The course teaches you to design and build control systems for commercial and industrial use.

Some career options after pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity Engineering include Security Analyst, Security Engineer, Cybersecurity Manager, Ethical Hacker, Security Consultant and more.

  1. Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is the field of engineering that deals with the design development, production and testing of spacecrafts, aircraft and other related systems and equipment. A degree in Aerospace Engineering gives you a broad understanding of the field with various specializations. You can expect to learn about topics like thermodynamics, numerical and experimental methods, solid mechanics, structural mechanics, design optimization and so on.

Some notable career options after pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering include Aerospace Engineer, Airframe manufacturer, Drone Developer, Engineering Consultant. This field of engineering has been popular among students for its connections to many global automotive companies like Rolls-Royce, Boeing, Caterpillar and so on.

  1. Robotics and Automation Engineering

Robotics and Automation Engineering deals with the designing and creation of robots. It uses computers to control robotic actions. Robots are created to help in manufacturing, they are also used in servicing and transmission of electrical signals and the designing of equipment for sea exploration and so on. A degree in this field teaches students about computer engineering, computer programming, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

Some career opportunities after pursuing this field include Automation and Robotics Engineer, Robotics Programmer, Robotics Technician, Sales Engineer that are associated with this field of engineering.

In conclusion, in this article we looked at the different fields of engineering to pursue in New Zealand for international students and what they teach, along with the career opportunities associated with each of them.

If you aspire to study any of these courses in New Zealand, then look for the best study abroad consultants. They can help you starting from the course selection to admission process.

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