PIKRUOS – An Introduction to the Greek Alphabet

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Athenians perceived pikas to represent sophrosune–moderation and mature prudence–but was this enough to keep them safe?

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Liquid Sacrifice

Ancient peoples poured liquid offerings onto altars as an offering to their gods, an act known as libation (derived from leibein – to pour drop by drop). While most libations contained alcohol, water may also be offered.

Libations were practiced as early as the Minoan-Mycenaean period (2000 BCE), and many gems depict scenes with pitchers for offering food and fruit as part of ritual libations sacrifices – though often separate from animal sacrifices.

The Orphic ritual included the practice of offering a libation as part of its ceremony, symbolizing total submission to one deity while foreshadowing Christ’s perfect sacrifice. Furthermore, this act also highlighted joy and thanksgiving towards divinity – reminding worshipers that their dedication must always include expressions of joy! A gift offering could also be presented in return as a way of giving thanks for what the gods had provided in return.

Greek Script

The Greek alphabet enabled ancients to record their language and literature, including Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, while providing philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle an opportunity to document their ideas.

The Greek alphabet includes letters that contain both consonant and vowel symbols, as well as diacritics to indicate accents, syllables, or other features of pronunciation. Its early form, known as uncial, was initially used for book writing; over time its cursive variant has since developed into modern minuscule handwriting which remains its principal form today.

Numerous letters with ligatures feature variant shapes, which allow for more accurate word-initial and word-internal spelling. For instance, the omicron () is commonly spelled omicron; similarly the epsilon () usually spells eps and the tilde () serves as a circumflex for // in certain dialects; additionally the tilde is sometimes used as a circumflex for //. These variant forms do not form separate characters within Unicode but rather fall under currency symbol U+20AF which encodes curled beta b (curled beta); however this symbol also exists as U+20AF Dr digraph Currency Symbols which represents this curled beta’s usage across word-initially intervocally and as subscript iota for long diphthongs that became monophonic monophthongs in modern Greek language.


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PIKRUOS’ name comes from the Greek word pikruos, which describes a complex feeling of ambivalence. This contradictory emotion encompasses happiness and sadness; optimism and despair; pleasure and grief. It can be thought of as similar to Japanese concept of wabi-sabi which seeks beauty even in imperfection.

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