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How to Resolve PCP Claims?


Investing in a car is a big responsibility. For better car finance options, you should look for the PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) agreement. It is an affordable way to use a car with confidence. A PCP claim would occur when a dispute over a purchased vehicle arises. In the UK, people tend to use PCP than the hire purchase. The payment methods are straightforward in the PCP plan. However, the individual does not own the car, but they have the right to use the vehicle for at least three years. They make monthly instalments so you can enjoy a comfortable drive.


PCP claims plans come with various options. An individual can buy the vehicle by making a balloon payment before the contract expires, or they can trade in for another car at the renewal of the PCP agreement. It is not necessary that you will always be mis sold through PCP plans.


What Brings Up PCP Claims?

It is understood that a claim is made against a dispute. Considering PCP claims, an individual can make claims for hidden commissions, affordability, or mis selling of the vehicle. Often, the salesmen use persuasive techniques that make the individual sign the Agreement without understanding the vehicle’s terms and conditions. When a car has an issue after it has been purchased, the responsibility for its wear and tear is not mentioned in the Agreement, which leads to a PCP claim.


Compensation for PCP Claim

An individual can be compensated for a PCP claim in different ways:


Revise the Agreement – they must go through the Agreement again to thoroughly examine the responsibilities, terms, and conditions of the Agreement. Everything shall be communicated in the document with proper clauses to the buyer.


Collect Evidence – a person is entitled to PCP claims if only they have relevant documents to prove that they have been mis-sold the vehicle, one way or the other. Anything relevant to the PCP plans, whether it is their marketing or communication style, you can talk to the authorities to ensure successful PCP claims and compensation.


What is my Compensation for the PCP Claim?

Every compensation varies, depending on how you were misinformed about the PCP agreement. Therefore, you must contact a solicitor to help you with PCP claims. You can be refunded for making extra payments if hidden commissions or the car’s value are known as problematic areas.


You will be compensated according to your PCP claim. However, it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest car finance options before you make another investment in car buying.

How Legal Assist help you with your PCP claims?

legal assist is helping UK citizen through-out UK.  We are offering compensation scheme for all services, Our best services are PCP claims, House disrepair claims and many other. If you want to make a claim, you can visit our site. Call us, Mail Us or you can even request a callback.

If your lender tricked you into a car finance agreement which was a financial disaster, you can always contact the Legal Assist PCP claims panel to make things right. Legal Assist has helped thousands of UK resident with their PCP claims as we understand that it’s your right to get your money back. During your car finance agreement, if your car dealer didn’t inform you with valuable information about the deal, then you might be eligible for PCP claims compensation.Did you know that more than 95% of car finance deals had a hidden commission that resulted in financial loss for the buyers? Legal Assist PCP claim experts are helping everyone who was missold by their car dealers

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