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How to Read Palmistry Mounts in Hand?

Palmistry Mounts

The practice of palmistry involves reading and interpreting the lines, shapes, and other features of a person’s palm to determine their personality traits, potential, and future prospects. A Palm line reading is also called Chiromancy.

According to palmistry, every line, mount (fleshy section), and marking on the palm is believed to represent one particular aspect of the subject’s personality. In order to provide readings, palmists examine the lines—which include the fate, life, heart, and head lines—as well as the mounts and additional characteristics like fingers and nails.

While palmistry is mostly utilised for divination or fortune-telling, it can also be studied psychologically for insights into a person’s subconscious feelings, ideas, and actions.

Know about Palmistry Mounts

The meaning of “mounts” in palmistry indicates the different types of soft covers or mounds on the palm. Every mount is connected to a separate part of personality and possible attributes.

The following are a few of the main mounts and their meanings:


Mount of Jupiter: The Mount of Jupiter, which is situated at the base of the index finger, is linked to ambition, confidence, leadership, and a strong boost for achievement.

Mount of Saturn: Mount of Saturn is an indication for discipline, accountability, and a strong sense of duty. It is located at the base of the middle finger.

Mount of Sun (Apollo):  which is located at the base of the ring finger, is linked to desire, beauty, creativity, and a love for the arts and entertainment.

Mount of Mercury: Situated at the base of the little finger, the Mount of Mercury represents intelligence, adaptability, communication skills, and business sense.

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Mount of Venus: Situated at the base of the thumb, this symbol indicates romance, love, passion, creativity, and a lifelong love of beauty and pleasure.

Mount of Moon (Luna ): which is located at the base of the palm across from the Mount of Venus, is a symbol for mental abilities, kindness, imagination, and intuition.

Mount of Mars: Situated close to the beginning of the lifeline, beneath the Mount of Mercury, the Mount of Mars is a symbol of bravery, strength, aggression, and an aura of competition.

Mount of Rahu: which is located at the centre of your palm, below the head/ mind line, is a symbol for ambition, sudden wealth and desire. 

Mount of Ketu: It is located between the mount of mercury and venus. Mount of Ketu is an indication for spirituality, and money. 

Very important Symbols

Similar to the mounts, there are a lot more markings than I can possibly discuss. I’ll cover over three symbols that are simple to locate and have a lot of significance.

Make sure to note where these markings fall on your hand because their placement is important!

    Squares that fill in a line break indicate that you are safe. Both a spirit guide and a real person could be providing the protection. Squares by one another that don’t surround a broken line could be signs of a period of mental or physical confinement that you or someone else caused.
    On the palm, crosses, or x’s, generally indicate issues or changes. Take note of the lines that form the cross if it is made up of any combination of major or minor lines. This will help you identify possible changes or issues in your life.
    Triangles are always auspicious signs! They often denote professional success, improved intuition, and a quick understanding of situations. A triangle confirms a particular line when it is present.

I hope palm reading has been an excellent way to spend time with your loved ones and has perhaps even revealed some aspects of your own journey! Have you discovered anything unexpected about yourself through palm reading?

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