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How Owning Study Abroad Franchise in India Can Be a Smart Investment?

Are you someone looking for a lucrative business opportunity in a sector that yields rewarding returns along with making a difference in a student’s life? If yes! Then this article is for you! With the Indian education system experiencing continuous competition in recent times, a lot of higher education aspirants are planning to pursue higher education abroad. Here, a lot of means – 1.3 million students every year and the number is rising substantially.

So there might be some reasons that these many students are going abroad for studies. Well from earning a highly valuable degree to highly rewarding career prospects, there is no benefit leaving behind as per student’s perception. So how beneficial is taking a sector? Let us find out ahead in this article.

Benefits of Owning an Overseas Education Franchise in India


  1. Affordable Investment Model

Unlike other franchises in the education sector that require substantial investments in terms of land and infrastructure, launching an overseas education consultancy is more budget-friendly. The startup costs for this franchise fall within a reasonable range, making it an ideal option for entrepreneurs. Whether it is a new entrepreneur or a professional with good experience in the industry, a retired army personnel, or a retail businessperson, each and every person can take up a franchise in this business domain.

  1. Promising Return on Investment

Have you ever come across a business model that not only promises significant returns on investment but also keeps the initial investment well within affordable brackets? Well, you have now. An overseas education franchise allows you to start recovering your capital from the very first year, turning your investment into a golden opportunity for considerable financial gains. Not only that, if you look at the return on investment, it can go up to 50% of the money invested.

  1. High Success Rate

Absolutely! The overseas education franchise is one of the few industries that is fail-proof. With a success rate probably exceeding 90%, this business type consistently thrives, even in challenging economic conditions. No matter how expensive the education goes, the demand for quality higher education makes this business model robust, with people prioritizing spending on higher education before anything else. So, choosing an education franchise business from an established brand contributes to the remarkable success rate of the overseas education sector.

  1. All-time Support

In the overseas education franchise, continuous support is a game-changer. From the initial setup to crucial elements of the business recruitment, training, marketing, and operations, franchisors provide comprehensive assistance to the franchisee. Moreover, most franchise models in this sector involve active promotion by the franchisor. Why? The answer is simple – this collaborative approach is rooted in the realization that the franchisor’s success is directly linked to the success of each of their franchise. Understanding the potential impact of a failed franchise on the overall brand image, franchisors in this sector go beyond just mere assistance – they actually become your genuine business partners.

  1. Impactful Business Sector

Now, let us shift our focus from the financial aspects to the social impact of this business model. Unlike many franchises, an overseas education franchise contributes significantly to society. It simplifies the complex process of achieving higher education dreams for students by managing tasks that are hard to complete on their own like university shortlisting, application filing, visa processes, and more. A reputable overseas education franchise opens doors to quality education abroad, making it accessible to the future of tomorrow.


In summary, the Indian education system, with limited seats for a growing number of students, has fueled the aspiration of studying abroad among students. This scenario in India has given rise to overseas education franchise business opportunity. While there is a wealth of information online, students often turn to overseas education consultants for guidance. Why? because of the dynamic nature of the industry.

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