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Have you moved your company headquarters and are worried about moving your office? It’s normal. This is a complex operation that risks taking away many economic and energy resources. There is also the concern that moving could hurt your company’s productivity. How long does the move take? How long will the business have to remain closed? How can it impact employee peace of mind and productivity? These are the classic questions for those who have to organize office movers.

In this article I will explain how to organize an office move according to a specific schedule, capable of optimizing timing and minimizing inconvenience or delays for your business.

Plan your new location before you open

Your new office must be operational immediately upon completion of the move, to avoid downtime and reduce losses in productivity. The new offices must already be 100% functional, so make sure that all utilities and services are active. In particular, make sure that the Internet line is sufficiently powerful and guarantees a perfect connection to all work environments.

Office moves: the first step is planning

Office removals: what to do? In these cases the key word is: planning. To ensure that all operations are carried out quickly without wasting time or bureaucratic obstacles, here is a list of suggestions that will be very useful to you:

  • Are you moving because your company is expanding? Then you need to bring all the office documents with you . On the contrary, has your company undergone downsizing? Then you can store them in another place, waiting to decide what to do with them;
  • Involve your collaborators . Divide the various employees into work groups, so that everyone can manage all the documents and objects in the office and speed up transport operations;
  • Organize your work during the transition time . If there is no physical space to operate in, your collaborators are unable to work. Look for alternative solutions in this phase, such as smart working;
  • Do decluttering . Moving can be a good opportunity to eliminate documents and paperwork that are no longer needed and which only take up precious space;
  • Comply with all bureaucratic procedures . During an office move you have to deal with all the bureaucratic red tape. Move well in advance to optimize time and not be forced to do everything at the end;
  • Set a budget . Based on your financial resources, establish a budget and obtain a quote from a removal company birmingham, or an international moving company if you intend to move the business abroad;
  • Be present at all stages of the move . It would be preferable to supervise the move to ensure that everything goes without delays and without any hitches.

Removal packing: packing office furniture and documents

Another important step concerns the packaging for the move and, specifically, the boxes. Try to calculate the items you need to transport, so you know exactly how many boxes you need. Keep in mind that it is not advisable to pile so much stuff into one box to save space. By doing so you risk breaking or ruining important objects, and the box will also be heavy and difficult to transport.

Pay attention to the filling material, which is necessary to complete a move with maximum precision and without unpleasant surprises. Filling material may not be necessary for moving documents , as long as they are carefully housed without the risk of being damaged. The situation changes if you have to transport IT objects or furnishing accessories which, if they dance excessively inside the box, risk being damaged.

Prepare an inventory before moving your office

Let’s move on to the practical phase of the move: where to start? First it is important to make an inventory of all the objects present, which must be done for each individual room or office. This way you can keep tabs on each object or document and prevent it from getting lost.

Within each individual office you must then make other lists that include objects that can be classified under the same category. In one box you can keep all your stationery items, in another all your documents, in yet another furniture items and so on. If there are delicate items, write “fragile” on the box with a marker, so the removal companies Birmingham will know that they will have to handle that box with some attention.

Also take an inventory of all IT equipment, such as computers, servers and printers, and add a list of suppliers to contact in case of maintenance.

Contact I Removals Birmingham to move your office

Do you need to move your new office to Rome? Or do you need to move your business to Birmingham? Whatever your needs, you can request a moving quote from I Removals Birmingham. You will quickly receive a free, transparent quote with no additional costs. Furthermore, by relying on our services, you will have fast assistance and professional advice available to complete your move with minimal impact on your business at an excellent quality/price ratio.


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