Netgear Extender Not Showing Up on WiFi List. What to Do?

Have you completed the installation process of your Netgear WiFi extender? Now, you might have connected your WiFi clients to the extender’s Netgear_ext and will be accessing a superfast internet connection. No? What happened? Is your Netgear extender not showing up on WiFi list? If not, then this is the post you might be waiting for. This post will specifically talk about the situation you are currently in. But, before all that, we suggest you to come a little closer to your Netgear extender and refresh your network list.

Wondering what will minimizing the distance between the extender and client device do? Well, you must know that two wireless devices communicate through wireless signals. If these devices are not present in the signal range of each other, you cannot expect them to work properly in terms of WiFi signals. Given that, you will not be able to the WiFi name of your Netgear extender on the network list. In case you are still not able to see the extender’s WiFi name, you are suggested to rely on the techniques mentioned below.

Solved: Netgear Extender Not Showing Up on WiFi List

If your Netgear range extender is still not ready to appear on the WiFi network list of your client device, you should reboot the client device. If it is a mobile phone, then you simply need to press the Power button until the option saying Reboot pops up. After that, tap the option and let the process get completed.

Just in case, the client device you are using is a computer, you are supposed to power it down by unplugging it from the wall socket and connecting it back after some time.

Fix 1: You need to restart your Netgear extender too if the problem you are facing does not get resolved after power cycling the client device. It will kick off all the technical glitches that might be stopping your range extender from appearing on the network list of your client.

Fix 2: Check for the WiFi interference creating factors present around your range extender. There are times when the extender fails to propagate its signals due to certain factors that tend to block or distort WiFi signals. You need to ensure that the extender is not placed near any device that operates through electromagnetic induction. Water carrying objects must also be placed away from the extender.

Note: If you want your extender to stay prevented from overheating and does not fall victim to problems, you should keep it at a distance from direct heat source and sunlight.

After you’re done taking care of the aforementioned techniques, it is expected that the WiFi network name of your Netgear extender will show up on the network list. Just in case, it doesn’t, it can be concluded that the problem has shown up because of an outdated firmware version of the extender. There are also chances that you have disabled the SSID broadcast of your extender during the installation process. Whatever the situation is? You need to access the mywifiext URL to mend the issue now. Check out the upcoming section to know.

Advanced Fixes: Netgear Extender Not Showing Up

  • Update the Firmware: The firmware of the extender can be updated simply after logging in to it. For this, you need to hardwire your computer to the extender and visit the dedicated login URL. When the dashboard of the extender shows up, click Firmware Update and select the Check Now button. Very soon, your range extender will be flaunting the latest stable firmware version.
  • Enable SSID Broadcast: Did you not enable the SSID broadcast during the Netgear extender setup? Well, you can do that now. Just visit the login URL on a computer connected to your Netgear extender and access the web-based management console. From the Network Settings tab, check the Enable SSID Broadcast box.

The Conclusion

The Netgear extender not showing up on WiFi list issue can confuse the user and not let him use wireless internet. It is expected that after taking the aid of the hacks mentioned here, you will be able to get rid of the issue easily.

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