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Introduction was launched in 2010 with a simple goal – to share inspiring travel stories and stunning photography from around the world. What started as a passion project by a few avid travellers quickly grew into a vibrant community of travel writers, photographers, and adventure seekers collaborating to document their experiences.

Over the past decade, the blog has become one of the top resources for travel inspiration online. Our global team of contributors has covered over 100 countries and published thousands of articles ranging from quick weekend getaway guides to in-depth cultural spotlights. Beyond just describing destinations, the blog archives capture the evolution of travel blogging and photography, spotlight talented creators, and foster a supportive community.

Looking back through the blog archives is a journey in itself – one of wanderlust, discovery, growth, and memories made. This retrospective offers a glimpse into the best of, from the posts and photos that resonated most to the trends and themes that defined each era. While the archives showcase how far we’ve come, they also get us excited for where we’re headed next. The blog will continue evolving as our community grows, but its core purpose endures – sharing the world’s beauty through travel.

Most Popular Destinations

Over the years, certain destinations have consistently been the most popular and talked about on MyFavouritePlaces. From bustling cities to stunning natural wonders, these are the places that have captured the imagination of our community.

Based on a deep analysis of our blog archives, a few destinations stand out for igniting conversation, receiving high engagement, and being shared widely across social media.

The historic city of Rome in Italy is arguably our most popular destination. Forum posts and images of iconic landmarks like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps have consistently drawn interest. Our bloggers capture both the rich history and vibrant modern energy of this capital.

Outside of cities, few natural wonders have inspired more posts than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Our travel writers never tire of documenting their experiences hiking along the North and South Rims. Readers eagerly soak up tips for viewing the vast canyon, exploring side trails, and appreciating sunrises and sunsets.

Beaches are always popular subject matter as well. Of our beach destinations, Santorini in Greece generates the most buzz with its iconic blue-domed buildings and dramatic clifftop views. Bloggers and readers just can’t get enough of the island’s stunning scenery.

While it’s impossible to definitively say what the most popular destination is, Rome, the Grand Canyon, and Santorini undoubtedly rank among the top for generating consistent enthusiasm across our community over the years. It’s fascinating to see which places stand the test of time in capturing people’s imaginations.

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Hidden Gems

The Myfavouriteplaces blog has become known for uncovering unexpected travel destinations and hole-in-the-wall spots that fly under the radar. While mainstream attractions often get plenty of coverage, the blog prides itself on finding the hidden, unsung, and underappreciated gems worth visiting.

Over the years, Myfavouriteplaces contributors have applied their explorer mindset to shine a spotlight on these overlooked places. They’ve ventured beyond busy tourist centers to discover quiet mountain towns, pristine beaches devoid of resorts, street food stallslocals lineup for, and more.

Some hidden gems covered in the blog archives include:

  • Ollantaytambo, Peru – This quiet Andean town makes for a peaceful alternative to visiting Machu Picchu. Stone ruins and terraced hills surround the area, which sees far fewer crowds.
  • Caye Caulker, Belize – With no cars and a laidback vibe, this Caribbean island offers a tranquil retreat. The turquoise waters beckon snorkelers and divers.
  • Cortona, Italy – This Tuscan hill town oozes charm, with stone buildings and winding alleyways to explore. It delivers picturesque views minus the swarms of tourists.
  • Black River Falls, Jamaica – Far from the resort scene, this area features verdant jungle along the river, inviting swimming holes, and stellar jerk chicken stands.
  • Cap Juluca Beach, Anguilla – One of the most pristine Caribbean beaches sits on Anguilla’s Maundays Bay. Powdery white sand and translucent water await.

The Myfavouriteplaces blog continually impresses with its knack for finding unspoiled paradises and charming communities most guidebooks overlook. For travelers seeking to escape crowds and unveil destinations beyond the guidebooks, these hidden gems offer inspiration.

Trending Topics/Themes

Travelers love to share their experiences and recommendations on MyFavouritePlaces, making the blog a rich source of insights into what destinations, attractions, and travel themes are resonating most with readers lately.

Several noticeable trends have emerged from posts over the past year that provide a fascinating window into where people are journeying and what kinds of trips they find most meaningful nowadays.

The Great Outdoors

There has been a surge in popularity for camping, hiking, and nature getaways. Bloggers are raving about trips to national parks, forests, beaches, and other natural wonders that allow them to unplug and re-energize in beautiful outdoor settings. Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon have been highlights, along with overseas gems like Patagonia and the Swiss Alps.

Foodie Adventures

Posts and photos focused on amazing meals, local cuisines, cooking classes, and restaurant discoveries have also exploded. Bloggers are taking their tastebuds on whirlwind tours from Tokyo to Tuscany, seeking out the best ramen, cheese, barbecue, street food, and more. The sights and sounds of bustling markets round out these vicarious foodie journeys.

Solo Exploration

Solo travel continues gaining popularity, with bloggers highlighting the transformative experiences and inner discoveries they’ve enjoyed by venturing out on their own. From solo female travelers sharing lessons learned to solo male bloggers opening up about their emotional journeys, these posts encourage and inspire others to try solo trips as well.

Meaningful Connections

Immersive local experiences, like homestays and community service projects, are a major draw lately too. Bloggers crave going beyond tourist bubbles to forge heartfelt connections with people and cultures. Posts on volunteering, teaching abroad, and living with local families reveal some life-changing trips where bloggers found their purpose.

Back to Basics

Finally, simple and rustic getaways — think cabins, farm stays, eco-lodges — resonate as an antidote to busy modern lifestyles. Bloggers extol the virtues of disconnecting from devices and enjoying the simple pleasures of campfires, stargazing, and reconnecting with nature without elaborate itineraries or fancy digs.

These themes showcase the diverse passions and quests that inspire today’s travelers. By highlighting popular topics bubbling up organically from the community, MyFavouritePlaces provides a rich pulse-check into where our collective travel dreams are headed next.

Influential Blog Posts

Over the years, certain blog posts on MyFavouritePlaces have struck a chord with readers and sparked lively discussions in the comments. These influential posts typically highlight lesser-known destinations, provide a unique perspective, or share an emotional personal story.

One of the most shared posts is “The Hidden Back Roads of Vermont“, where the author takes readers off the beaten path to hidden gems like swimming holes, farm stands, and quiet villages. Readers loved the charming photographs and appreciated discovering a side of Vermont they didn’t know existed. This post inspired many to plan their own backroads trip through the state.

Why I Travel” is one of the most commented on posts in the history of the blog. The raw personal story of how travel helped the author through grief and heartbreak led to an outpouring of similar stories in the comments. Readers found it therapeutic and empowering.

Foodies loved “10 Iconic Chicago Foods You Have to Try“, which highlighted quintessential Windy City eats like deep dish pizza, Italian beef sandwiches, and Eli’s cheesecake. The mouthwatering photos made readers hungry to book a trip and indulge in Chicago’s famous flavors. This remains one of the most bookmarked restaurant guides on the site.

While influential posts cover a wide range of topics, they have in common a knack for speaking to the MyFavouritePlaces audience in an authentic way. These are the stories readers remember and recommend long after they were published.

Best Photography

Over the years, our community of travel bloggers has shared some absolutely breathtaking photography from destinations around the world. From sweeping landscape vistas to intimate street scenes, the photos help bring these places to life and inspire readers to visit.

Some standout photography includes:

  • The crystal clear waters and remote beaches captured at Palawan in the Philippines. The turquoise lagoons and limestone cliffs pop against the deep blue seas.
  • The vivid fall foliage in the parks and forests of New England in the United States. Vibrant reds, oranges and yellows shine brightly among the evergreens.
  • The majestic mountain views in Patagonia shared from hikes in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. Dramatic glaciers and peaks fill the frame.
  • Intriguing street scenes from bustling markets in Marrakech, Morocco. Colorful textiles and exotic wares glow in the soft light.
  • The tranquil shores and rolling green hills of the Irish countryside. Pastoral paradise.
  • Ancient temples and ruins poking through dense jungle in Cambodia. Mystical and beautiful.

Our talented travel bloggers have a keen eye for composition, light, and color. Their photos capture often overlooked details and the true essence of a destination. It’s the images that make readers feel like they are right there, experiencing it themselves. We’re proud to showcase this standout travel photography from around the world.

Author Highlights

Some of the most prolific and popular authors on MyFavouritePlaces have shared incredible stories and experiences from their travels around the world.

Jane Doe

Jane Doe has authored over 100 blog posts in the past 5 years, covering exotic destinations like Tanzania, Iceland, and Peru. Her posts immerse readers in the local culture with vivid descriptions of people, traditions, and landscapes. Jane’s photography is stunning and her adventures inspire others to travel.

John Smith

As a professional photographer, John Smith’s posts perfectly blend visual storytelling and engaging writing. He often treks to remote parts of the world and procures once-in-a-lifetime shots of rarely seen places. His posts on hidden gems in Colombia, Nepal, and Madagascar are reader favorites.

Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee is praised for her honest, first-hand tips on budget travel in Europe and Asia. She shares clever advice on how to travel comfortably and affordably. Her posts on backpacking through Southeast Asia on $20/day remain some of the site’s most popular for those planning similar trips.

Michael Chen

Based in New York, Michael Chen focuses on urban adventures, nature escapes, and travel trends. His posts offer a unique perspective on making the most out of trips, even on a limited timeframe. Michael’s photography and writing provide inspiration for weekend getaways and city breaks.

Community Impact has built an engaged community of travelers who interact through comments on blog posts, user submissions, and forums. This community has had a meaningful impact in shaping the site’s content and travel recommendations over the years.

Many popular destinations or hidden gems covered on the site were first suggested by readers in the comments. Oftentimes a reader would provide a compelling case for why a certain place deserved coverage, like highlighting an interesting local culture or stunning natural landscapes. The blog authors frequently took reader suggestions into account when planning future posts.

Discussions in the comments and forums also influenced the depth and perspective of the content. Readers would share personal anecdotes, historical facts, or practical travel tips that inspired authors to take a deeper dive on certain topics. The community’s real-world experiences and diverse viewpoints provided invaluable color and context to the written content.

Some of the site’s most well-received and shared posts were a result of the community’s input shaping the authors’ approach. By listening to readers, the bloggers created content that truly resonated for the audience and fulfilled their interests. The conversations in comments often continued long after a post was published, showing the engaged nature of the community.

Overall, the readers of played a vital role in making it a leading resource. Their passion for travel, knowledge, and perspectives elevated the content and helped build a sense of community around a shared love of adventure. The site wouldn’t be what it is today without the contributions of its loyal audience over the years.

Evolution of Content

Over the years, the content on has evolved quite a bit. When the blog first launched in 2009, the focus was primarily on reviews of major tourist destinations like Paris, London, and Rome. The posts tended to be shorter, ranging from 300-500 words, and they highlighted main attractions like the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum.

As the blog grew, contributors began expanding their horizons to cover more unique and off-the-beaten path locations. Posts got longer and more in-depth, sometimes exceeding 1,000 words. Writers dug deeper in their analysis of destinations, moving beyond just describing the top sights and instead offering insights into local culture, history, cuisine, and hidden gems. Popular new themes included adventure travel, road trips, small towns, and national parks.

In recent years, has worked to diversify its content even further. There is now a greater emphasis on international destinations, with posts spanning six continents. Environmental and social issues also receive more coverage, as writers aim to provide a holistic view of each place. Photography and videography have grown increasingly sophisticated. And the blog leverages more multimedia, including interactive maps, author interviews, and local recommendations.

Looking back, the evolution is quite remarkable. What started as a straightforward travel guide has transformed into a multifaceted publication covering destinations, cultures, and global issues in great depth. One thing that hasn’t changed is the blog’s adventurous spirit and focus on inspiring readers to travel and explore the world. will surely continue to evolve, but its core mission remains the same.

The Future

As looks to the future, the possibilities for travel blogging seem endless. With new technologies like VR and AI on the rise, travel bloggers will likely find innovative ways to transport their audiences to destinations around the globe.

Immersive experiences will allow readers to explore places in greater depth, while AI could generate customized recommendations and itineraries. Travel bloggers may also leverage drones and livestreaming to share adventures in real-time.

The community around will continue to grow and diversify. Readers from all backgrounds will find inspiration for their own journeys. And aspiring travel bloggers will have an inclusive platform to launch their careers.

Sustainability will be an increasing focus as travel bloggers promote eco-friendly practices. The blog could spotlight sustainable travel brands and low-impact excursions. This aligns with broader shifts in the travel industry.

As travel rebounds post-pandemic, people will crave human connection and cultural exchange. Travel bloggers can foster this by highlighting unique local perspectives worldwide. is poised to bring the world closer together through storytelling.

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