Mobile App Vs Web App Development- Which is a Better Choice in 2024?

Businesses across the globe are involved in different marketing strategies for brand visibility, customer engagement, and expansion. In our current digital age, without a digital presence desired business success is impossible. No business organization can move ahead in the competitive world without having a mobile app development company or web application. Many companies are now investing in both platforms for higher engagement.

One of the key parameters for businesses to take their services to customers is to have an online presence. However, with multiple platforms available in the market, especially with the demand for smartphones, choosing between mobile app development and web apps is an important and smart decision.

The browsing of internet services has changed considerably in the last few years. Mobile devices are slowly replacing desktops for daily internet usage. As per a leading survey, the average time of desktop usage has reduced from 43 minutes to 32 minutes in 2023. On the other hand, mobile usage has increased significantly to 6-8 hours daily average time.

Considering these factors, web app development now accounts for around 35% of all newly developed platforms, with mobile apps covering 65%. A major surge in the number of mobile devices has led to greater demand for mobile app development.

Mobile apps are an integral business strategy as they engage customers online, generate higher ROI, and maintain a higher retention rate. According to Google, mobile-apps retention rate is 50% higher than web applications, and it increases to 80% when we analyze only smartphone users.

Introduction to Web Application

A web application is similar to a website but has a slight difference. It is a code running on a server and delivered via a browser to the user to serve its needs. Web application is designed to bring personalized interactions between the user and the application. For example, when we access the social media platform Instagram by scrolling through various posts and reels, sending messages, and sharing different activities. These interactions from our side with the server-stored web application are simply remarkable which is not possible with a website.

Work Flow of Web Application

l Web applications work on remote servers and thus do require installation as a separate application. It can be accessed via a browser offering a streamlined performance.

l The user accesses the web application via the internet and sends a query to the web server. l Once the request is received, the server instantly meets the user’s request. l The server sends results from the web application to the server. l The web server later displays the information for the user. Business Benefits of Web Application Development

1. Global Accessibility

Businesses investing in web application development have the advantage of promoting their services anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This global accessibility engages the broader audience, generates ROI, and breaks geographical barriers.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Web application development is a low-cost process. Since they are accessed through a web browser, no expensive installations or updates are required for a device. This is a great way to reduce maintenance expenses.

3. Easy to Scale

Business needs easy-to–scale platforms to meet growing user needs and market demands. Here web applications can easily handle increased web traffic or add the latest features for growth without significant investments.

Introduction to Mobile Application

To understand in simple words, a mobile application is a code program designed to run on a mobile device. When compared to web applications, the difference is minimal because both are used to display content and deliver immediate responses with personalized browsing experiences.

Mobile applications are designed and compatible only with mobile usage. Web applications can be accessed via any browser or mobile device. Mobile apps can only be installed and accessed by mobile devices.

Work Flow of Mobile Application

Mobile applications are faster in operations offering a sophisticated feel for the users. l The user downloads and installs specific mobile apps from the respective marketplace. The download of the app needs specific storage space within the mobile device. After downloading, app access requires login details or signs up before moving ahead. Finally, the mobile app is ready to serve you with respective features and deliver its services while also providing an enhanced user experience.

Business Benefits of Mobile App Development

1. Timely Updates

One of the key advantages of mobile app development for businesses is to deliver timely updates and information to users. Push notifications can be shared regarding new features, bug fixes, or content updates bringing higher engagement.

2. Advanced Security

Mobile applications are focused on advanced security parameters including data encryption, user authentication, and two-factor authentication to address any security risks. Security helps to build trust with customers and grow business reputation.

3. Improved Collaboration

Mobile apps facilitate business internal departments to collaborate and communicate in a streamlined manner. Features like real-time document editing, project management, and instant messaging support employees to work efficiently and effectively for higher productivity.

Mobile App vs Web App Development 2024

There are some key differences between mobile apps and web apps, each offering unique advantages and considerations.

1. Development Approach

Mobile Apps: These are developed for a particular mobile platform including iOS or Android as per business needs. They are downloaded and installed straight from an app store onto the user’s device.

Web Apps: These are developed on technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web browser helps to access web app on any device having an internet connection without any installation process.

2. Accessibility

Mobile Apps: The user installs the app on the device and can access it straight from the device’s home screen. They can be used offline as per requirements and functionality offered by the developer.

Web Apps: User access through a web browser and needs an internet connection. Just enter the app’s URL in the browser address bar or by simply clicking on a link.

3. Distribution

Mobile Apps: It can be distributed through app stores including Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Proper review is performed before being made available for users.

Web Apps: They can be accessed directly via browser but are hosted on a web server. No approval from a third-party store is required for accessibility.

4. Updates

Mobile Apps: Updates are provided through app stores, and users need to download and install the updates. You can do automatic updates by making customization in settings.

Web Apps: Here updates are performed on the server side. This brings the latest version for the users when they visit the app’s URL. Users are not required to download or install updates manually.

Wrapping Up

Both mobile applications and web applications development services are known to offer personalized and feature-rich experiences to their users. Business enterprises must invest in a specific platform for higher user engagement, brand visibility, and ROI, and to stay ahead of competitors. We hope this blog has covered the difference between both web and mobile applications. If you are looking for professional mobile app development services, connect with OrangeMantra a leading IT company. They have relevant resources to meet your business needs in the most professional and dedicated manner. They even provide suggestions for the latest trends and technologies to meet complex business needs.


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