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Malegra DXT Plus (Sildenafil/Duloxetine): Treat ED With PE

Malegra DXT Plus, there are two common ingredients to assist you in getting relief from Erectile dysfunction as well as PE combined. People who suffer from not just one but two conditions where they don’t have an easy erection but are unable to maintain sexual contact over a prolonged period require this drug.

What Is Malegra DXT Plus?

Malegra DXT Plus can treat two different types of sexual disorders. It will restore your sexual experience regularly. These pills can dramatically increase the general sexual experience of the affected individual.

A male is advised only to take Malegra DXT Plus when they’re experiencing two issues.


Sunrise Remedies owns the whole Malegra brand. In addition to the treatment of ED, Malegra DXT Plus will also assist you in ejaculating for longer periods to avoid issues with premature ejaculation.


The time has come to look deep into the two basic components that comprise Malegra FXT Plus. Sildenafil is a hormonal PDE-5 inhibitor that can treat males who have hard erections.

Working on Malegra DXT Plus

Two components that are present in Malegra DXT Plus work together for better performance. Sildenafil effects result in a difficult sexual erection due to the increased flow of blood throughout the penis tissue; however, Dapoxetine stops serotonin reuptake totally. The erection is controlled within the brain by serotonin that’s left.

How To Take Malegra DXT Plus Tablet?

Malegra DXT Plus is available as several pills, and you can take it via taking it by mouth, consuming one tablet at a moment. The most effective way to take the entire pill without crushing it or breaking it is to drink water since it permits easy passage through your digestive tract and doesn’t trigger anything.

Dosage Of Malegra DXT Plus

It’s a mixture that consists of Sildenafil 100 mg and Dapoxetine 60mg. You can see that 160mg is the maximum dose.

Additionally, there is an alternative version, called Malegra DXT, which contains a total dosage of 140 mg. Dapoxetine is 40mg in this case in comparison to Sildenafil, which is about similar in dosage.

Benefits of Using Malegra DXT Plus

It is now clear it is known that Malegra DXT Plus gets rid of two sexual irritants using just one pill, which is an enormous gain. Patients are likely to experience fewer complications, and their treatment costs will drop lower in general. Additionally, it’s simpler to locate Malegra DXT Plus tablets on the internet and in offline pharmacies.

Avoid To Take Malegra DXT Plus

It is sometimes observed that the patient has a natural reaction to one or the other substances which are contained in the pills. That means, by taking the medication, they have greater risk than before to suffer from adverse negative effects. An extreme side effect could cause the user to stop taking any further medication.

Side Effects of Malegra DXT Plus

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Bloody nose, sleepless
  • Painful urination, dizziness, bloody urine, and dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Visual changes

Storage of Malegra DXT Plus

  • Keeping the proper temperature and humidity while storing Malegra DXT Plus pills is essential. Maintaining the pills at a temperature of the room is acceptable, provided they’re not exceeding thirty degrees Celsius.

Precaution Taking Before Malegra DXT Plus

  • It is more beneficial to drink water than wine or alcohol in terms of consumption of fluids.
  • You must be free of any allergic reaction towards each of Sildenafil as well as Dapoxetine as it treats two different disorders.
  • Share your current issues with others or the medication you’re currently taking for treatment.


  • Duloxetine could cause high blood pressure. Monitor your blood pressure prior to as well as when you are taking Sildenafil Duloxetine tablets.
  • Duloxetine should not be used when you’re undergoing surgery, for example, a dental procedure.
  • It is not recommended to take this medicine for cardiovascular or heart issues.


There’s a medicine that treats ED and PE that’s called Malegra DXT Plus. It has been used on many patients for more than six hours and is able to provide prolonged hours of efficacy. They are unique pills as they are made up of two active ingredients rather than one.

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