Make Wheelchair Travelling Nice and Easy With These 6 Great Tips!

Wheelchairs have more particular challenges than others, thus travelling in one isn’t as simple as travelling without one. Wheelchairs need certain necessities, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it simpler!

There are now tons of ways to make wheelchair travel easier and more efficient. So if you happen to necessitate a wheelchair during your travels, we have great news for you! Below is a list of ways to make your trips all the most swift and easy. Check them out below:

1 – Plan ahead of time

Just like any other traveller with special needs, planning ahead of time is ideal. This will give you more time to prepare and make sure your itinerary runs smoothly. What you can do is research your accommodations, activities and destination and make sure they provide what is necessitated for wheelchairs such as wheelchair accessibility like ramps and so on.

With early planning, you can find tons of fun activities, accommodations and so on, that are wheelchair accessible.

2 – Choose a wheelchair-friendly accommodation

Of course, when travelling one of the essential steps is to book a place to stay during your trip. To ensure a hassle-free environment at your accommodations, make sure they’re wheelchair-friendly. Examples of wheelchair-friendly features to expect are roll-in showers, ramps, widened doorways and so on.

But if there isn’t wheelchair-friendly accommodation around the area you’re planning to stay at, contact the accommodation and ask if they can accommodate and assist someone with a wheelchair. Go for accommodations that have elevators, bellhops or simply someone who can assist you during your stay.

Affordable accommodation options are 2 to 3-star hotels and serviced apartments. 2 to 3-star hotels have bellhops that can assist you and can offer ramps and elevators. For serviced apartments, these offer wider rooms, have elevators and some have attending bellhops. 

3 – Prepare for your flight

Most airlines around the world accommodate wheelchair travellers, even in third-world countries. But just to make sure, try emailing the airlines or calling. Also, before your trip know your rights as a disabled traveller; this informs you about The Air Carrier Act (ACAA), a statute that protects handicapped passengers travelling with adapted equipment, and how the airline will cooperate with you.

To minimise the stress of disassembling and reassembling your wheelchair consider a collapsible one. This will be stowed away in the airline’s cabinet by flight attendants. Also if your wheelchair gets damaged during your flight, the airline is responsible for paying repairs or replacing it.

4 – Pack all necessary medication and medical supplies

Make sure to check and pack a sufficient quantity of daily medications and critical medical supplies as part of your vacation preparations. Make sure you have enough for the whole trip, and think about bringing extra in case of last-minute situations. This proactive measure ensures ongoing access to essential medications and supplies creating a seamless and stress-free trip.

5 – Try out wheelchair-made apps!

Wheelchair users can find it easier to explore new places when using apps designed specifically for travellers with mobility challenges. Apps like “Wheelmap” or “AccessNow” are great resources that will help you find wheelchair-accessible locations along the way.

These applications provide you access to real-time info about anything from restaurants and hotels to tourist sites! Making it easier for you to arrange a smooth and enjoyable trip. Wheelchair travellers can make better decisions and have a more stress-free travel experience with the accessibility insights provided by these applications! Especially when crossing unknown terrain or visiting a place for the first time.

6 – Get travel insurance before travelling

When travelling, it is wise to prepare for unfortunate instances which is why getting travel insurance is a good idea. Precautionary steps like this protect against unanticipated events such as medical emergencies, misplaced luggage, and possible problems with your wheelchair.

By getting complete travel insurance, you can travel with peace knowing that you are protecting not just your health but also your finances in the event of unexpected situations.

Take away

Get ready for a stress-free and enjoyable trip with the use of these great tips! Keep in mind that every traveller has different needs, so you might want to modify these suggestions to suit your needs. Make a plan, let others know what you need, and make the most of your trip!

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