Maintenance Of Air Conditioning Equipment: How not to Skip a Check

The air conditioning of the home is one of the conditions of comfort in the home. For this reason, heating or air conditioning systems are two of the fundamental elements to take into account when equipping the home. In fact, more than 34% of homes in Spain have an air conditioning system, a percentage that rises greatly in cities that register higher temperatures, such as Seville (73.7%) or Córdoba (70.7%). Opting for an air conditioning installation (which may also have a heat pump) is a notable investment so, undoubtedly, users will want to extend its useful life, something that can be achieved with proper maintenance of the equipment. of air conditioning. And, in this, technical service companies have a fundamental role.

Periodically carrying out checks on the devices and the installation helps ensure correct operation, improves performance, guarantees good air quality and prevents possible breakdowns from arising. Furthermore, energy consumption is reduced, an argument that must be taken into account, especially in community facilities, where the greatest energy consumption comes from air conditioning installations.

Part of this maintenance, the most basic, can be done directly by the users themselves, but a more in-depth review or that necessary in collective systems will require the intervention of an expert.


Air conditioning equipment, to guarantee its optimal operation, must be checked and cleaned before and after summer. Furthermore, if they have a heat pump, this maintenance will also have to be carried out before and after use in winter. Therefore, air conditioning equipment maintenance companies will have to see the best way to deal with a greater volume of job requests.

It is true that the users of the equipment can take care of simple cleaning tasks to have the equipment ready for use, such as basic maintenance of the split, which is based on cleaning the filters or the drain within their reach, since they do not require specialized knowledge. But, if these are more centralized installations, it will be difficult to access this part of the system, so it is best to leave the task to a technician.

The outdoor unit , which is often installed on the façade of the home, also requires regular inspection and superficial cleaning, as well as ensuring that the supports are in optimal condition, to avoid a possible accident. Since it is suspended, it is most appropriate for a technical service company to be in charge of carrying out the work; Thus, the user has the guarantee that the unit is checked correctly, also complying with the appropriate safety measures.

It is also essential to check that there are no refrigerant leaks in the equipment, a function that must also be performed by an expert, an installer who has a certificate to handle fluorinated gasses.

All this preventive maintenance entails numerous field work requests to which must be added equipment reviews when users suspect that the equipment is not functioning properly. At this time, a technician will have to be sent to check the correct operation and carry out the repair if necessary.


We have already seen that maintaining the air conditioning system is key to proper operation and prolonging its useful life, so users will be interested in requesting the help of technicians. But, in addition, it must be taken into account that the involvement of a technical service helps to comply with the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings ( RITE ), which establishes the conditions to be met by air conditioning and heating systems, to greater energy efficiency and rational use of energy.

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There are mandatory inspections, regulated by each autonomous community, depending on the characteristics of each air conditioning unit. The Regulation states that “The owner or user of the thermal installations is responsible for compliance with the RITE from the moment the provisional reception is carried out” and, therefore, is responsible for the maintenance of the thermal installation by an authorized company, carrying out mandatory inspections and maintain documentation of all actions, recording them in the Building Book. The RITE establishes a division of the installations based on the kW and establishes the mandatory maintenance by a qualified technician for those that exceed 5,000 kW in heat and more than 1,000 kW in cold. For this reason, air conditioning equipment maintenance service companies play a fundamental role for the owners of facilities of this type.


When maintaining air conditioning equipment, it is important to have a technical service that you can turn to, whether it is a preventive review or corrective actions that may arise. And, when the user turns to a professional, they expect efficient management of their incident. For example, if the hot season is approaching, you will not want to wait 1 month for the technician to come or, if your heat pump breaks down, you will not want to wait for the repair any longer than is strictly necessary.

In order to meet customer expectations, the company providing the maintenance service must have adequate management of field services, something that can be achieved with the help of tools such as the one offered by The Prime Genius Inc. , a specific software for maintenance companies. air conditioning that simplifies the work of your teams and helps you deal with any unforeseen event. Thanks to it, the activities of the technicians are controlled and the company fully respects its obligations and commitments.

For example, it is much easier to ensure compliance with your obligations as a refrigerant fluid handler by managing work orders from installation, maintenance or repair of refrigeration equipment. Generating forms in just a few clicks and automatically scheduling recurring dates to comply with a preventive maintenance plan, improving the traceability of interventions and productivity, as well as streamlining billing processes are just some of its advantages that will ultimately benefit and in the end, a 100% satisfied customer.

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