Look around to the Bollywood stars who turned back to TV as hosts

The glitz and glamour of Bollywood have been very much synonymous with the silver screen and the red carpets. However, there has been a significant notable trend in which several Bollywood celebrities have turned their focus to the world of television hosting by bringing their charisma and star power to the small screen. This transition from the past few years ago is perfectly backed by Bollywood news recent. It has also brought a paradigm shift in the dynamics of Indian entertainment which has been successful in eliminating the fine line between film and television and providing people with a chance of witnessing the hosting skills of Bollywood celebrities. The unscripted nature of many television shows very well provides the people with opportunities of showcasing their authenticity and the appeal of television hosting has also proven to be irresistible to many Bollywood stars because of the personal level connection associated with the audience.

Some of the best Bollywood stars who came to the television hosting have been explained as follows: 

  1. Amitabh Bachchan: This megastar has been not only ruling the silver screen for many decades but also has become very much synonymous with the TV game of Kaun Banega crorepati. Amitabh Bachchan has been successfully credited as the trailblazer in the trend of Bollywood stars turning TV hosts. He has been hosting KBC for nearly 22 years and has also hosted the game show since its first season in 2000 except for the third season which was hosted by SRK. The towering presence of Amitabh Bachchan makes this show a massive success and also has been successfully capable of redefining the landscape of Indian television. His empathetic approach and deep voice have made this so much more than a basic quiz show and now it is loved by people across the globe and by all age groups. Contestants in this show can use lifelines like a phone a friend and an audience poll so that they can answer the questions correctly also big B has hosted the third season of Big Boss which came in October 2009.
  2. Salman Khan: Salman Khan is very well-known by the name of Bhai-Jaan by his fans and is known for his larger-than-life persona in Bollywood. He has been successful in stepping into the world of television hosting with Dus Ka Dam however, he became everyone’s favourite with the show Bigg Boss. He was offered to host the fourth season of Bigg Boss and he refused due to the date issues. But later on, he ended up taking the offer and hosting the fourth season as well. It was a blessing in disguise for the big boss that viewers found this show very entertaining and now Salman Khan has been the permanent host of this show for more than a decade now. His unique and fearless style of hosting with a blend of humor makes him very popular and loved by people across the globe.
  3. Karan Johar: Everybody loves to gossip and Karan Johar is one of the iconic television hosts which has made this a business. He has launched the show Coffee with Karan which is all about dating rumors, love-hate relationships between Bollywood stars, and other topics which become hot topics of discussion. Every time an episode of coffee with current comes out, it has succeeded in sparking discussions and debates on social media. Unlike the traditional talk show, it is very entertaining. The successful highlight of the show is the current show himself who can create the Intimate space for the celebrities to share their stories and ultimately make the perfect connection with the audience. This show is much beyond the usual star dynamic and is extremely popular due to the iconic personality of Karan Johar.
  4. SRK: Following the footsteps of Amitabh Bachchan SRK also entered the world of television hosting with KBC. His episodes were all about Personal anecdotes loads of laughter and emotional moments and later on, he also went to shows like India Poochega sabse shaana kaun? on all of these TV shows SRK very well was successful in impressing the viewers due to his charismatic personality, amazing sense of humor, and witty response. SRK has the best possible ability to connect with the viewers which takes him beyond the silver screen
  5. Rohit Shetty: Filmmaker Rohit Shetty has been highly successful in securing his position in the industry because he made the television hosting debut with the fear factor: khatron ke Khiladi. This show is a massive success in itself and if you are an adventure fanatic then definitely you will be loving this show. Having hosted numerous seasons of the show Rohit Shetty now has become a brand name for the game show and due to the daredevilness associated with him, he is the most suitable host for this show as well.
  6. Aamir Khan: He is known as the Mr perfect perfectionist of Bollywood and has been ruling the hearts of millions across the globe with films like PK, three idiots, and Dangal. After mesmerizing the audience on the big screen, he made his television debut in the year 2012 with the show Satyamev Jayate. This show was a massive success in itself and was the platform to press the social issues and bring them to the forefront. The show was all about sparking conversations and inspiring action with the television medium which will ultimately go beyond the basic factor of entertainment and will serve as a catalyst for positive changes in society. This show has been very well renewed for multiple seasons and is a basic factor of success in itself.

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