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Learn Supply Chain Management and Logistics at University of Manitoba

Canada, a leading study destination, comprises various globally recognized institutions. From graduate certificates, and diplomas to bachelors and masters, these institutions offer high-quality programs at different academic levels.

This article delves into one of the industry-integrated courses, the Master of Supply Management in Canada and Logistics (MSCM) at the University of Manitoba, the country’s leading university.

Why study in Canada and choose Manitoba for higher education in supply chain management? Find a detailed reasoning of this concern in today’s article!

About the University 

The University of Manitoba, established in 1877, is a premier public research institution in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Renowned for its academic excellence, the university offers various undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs spanning diverse disciplines. Its main campus, situated in south Winnipeg, boasts modern facilities and resources conducive to learning and research.

With a commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, the university is a hub for innovative research initiatives across fields such as agriculture, engineering, medicine, law, and the humanities. Through its robust community engagement efforts, the University of Manitoba plays a pivotal role in advancing the social, cultural, and economic development of Manitoba. At the same time, its extensive alumni network continues to make significant contributions nationally and internationally.

Why Study MSCM at the University of Manitoba?

Coming to our primary topic of emphasis, why should one consider choosing supply chain management, especially in Canada? Here are the top reasons to help you with that.

  • International Accreditation

The Department of the University of Manitoba, which offers master courses in supply chain management and logistics, is the Asper School of Business, accredited by AACSB International. Schools accredited by AACSB are renowned for having expert lecturers delivering rigorous and challenging curricula aligned with industrial needs.

  • Practical Learning

You can always take advantage of the practical approach to learning from Asper. Not just inside the classroom, this business school provides students with experiential learning in real-world applications and facilitates students to tackle issues. Furthermore, supply chain management is an integral aspect of the industry, providing a comprehensive understanding of operations flow.

  • Manitoba is a Hub for Supply Chain Management

A part of North America, Manitoba is a continental hub for transportation and logistics, comprising 4,300 businesses and 40,000 workers working in the industry. As SCM increases the reach and complexity of these industries, they constantly seek professionals equipped with these capabilities and skills.

  • Rich Career Prospects

MSCM graduates have excellent job opportunities in assorted fields such as agriculture, manufacturing, forestry, transportation, forestry, mining, hospitality, education, etc.

Course Overview

The Master of Supply Chain Management and Logistics provides in-depth details of supply chain management and logistics and equips learners with the professional skills required to understand the intricacies of supply chains, including the application of ethics, practices, and sustainability. Furthermore, the course provides students with a practical understanding of the skills and knowledge required to work professionally in supply chain management and related fields.

Tuition and Fees

The cost of studying supply chain management in Canada depends on the course level and the institution you opt for. However, at the University of Manitoba, the fee to study Master of Supply Chain Management and Logistics is Can$ 21216 annually with a course duration of two years.

Admission Requirements

Here are the mandatory eligibility criteria for international students to study MCSM at the University of Manitoba.

  • A 3-year bachelor’s degree from a post-secondary recognized institution with a minimum of 67% (or higher)
  • Standardized test scores (GMAT, GRE)
  • Language proficiency test scores (PTE, TOEFL, IELTS)

In conclusion, choosing the University of Manitoba for a master’s degree in supply chain management is a smart move and highly beneficial regarding prospects. For details on this course at other Canadian institutions, you can book a consultation with study abroad consultants in Trivandrum or other cities in India.

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