My Experience Shopping at Pamu – A Leading NZ Jewellery Designers

In the vibrant world of jewellery design, New Zealand boasts a rich tapestry of creativity and innovation. From traditional Maori-inspired pieces to contemporary designs, Kiwi jewellery designers showcase a diverse range of styles and techniques. One such platform that celebrates the talent of NZ jewellery designers is Pamu Store. In this blog post, we delve into the experience of a customer navigating through Pamu Store’s collection, exploring the craftsmanship and beauty of New Zealand’s finest jewellery.

Pamu Store is an online jewelry store based in New Zealand that features collections designed and handcrafted by some of the country’s leading contemporary jewellery designers. I recently had the pleasure of shopping at Pamu Store and wanted to share my experience in case you’re considering purchasing some unique New Zealand-designed jewelry yourself.

A Little Background on Pamu Store

Pamu Store launched its online store with the goal of making it easy for customers around the world to discover and purchase beautiful jewelry crafted by talented Kiwi designers. The company curates collections by designers from all over New Zealand, providing a platform for their work to reach new audiences.

The featured designers represent a diverse spectrum of creativity and talent from New Zealand’s jewellery scene. These NZ jewellery designers are renowned for their innovative techniques, attention to detail, and unique artistic visions. From Maori-inspired motifs to contemporary designs inspired by nature, each piece reflects the cultural richness and natural beauty of Aotearoa.

With a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, these designers create jewellery that not only dazzles the eye but also resonates with the values of the modern consumer. Pamu Store proudly showcases their work, offering customers a curated selection of exceptional pieces to treasure.

Highlighting NZ Jewellery Designers:

  1. Maori Influence:
    • Many NZ jewellery designers draw inspiration from Maori culture, incorporating traditional symbols and motifs into their designs. From hei tiki pendants to koru earrings, these pieces pay homage to New Zealand’s indigenous heritage while adding a contemporary twist.
  2. Natural Beauty:
    • The breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand serve as a constant source of inspiration for local jewellery designers. From rugged coastlines to lush rainforests, the natural beauty of Aotearoa is reflected in the organic shapes and textures of their creations. Recycled metals and sustainably sourced materials further enhance the eco-friendly appeal of these pieces.
  3. Innovative Techniques:
    • NZ jewellery designers are known for pushing the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship, experimenting with innovative techniques and materials. From 3D printing to laser cutting, they embrace modern technology while staying true to their artistic vision. This fusion of old and new results in truly unique and contemporary pieces that captivate the imagination.

Browsing the Website

The Pamu Store website has a clean, contemporary look that lets the jewelry designs take center stage. The homepage features some of their most popular collections, while the menu bar at the top allows you to explore by designer, materials, price point or specific styles like rings, necklaces, and earrings.

I enjoyed browsing the designer pages in particular, as you’re able to get a quick snapshot of each jeweler’s aesthetic and personal story. It’s clear that Pamu Store carefully vets and selects designers with outstanding talent and unique perspectives.

The website is image-heavy, providing plenty of high-quality photos so you can see every angle and detail of each piece. I found this incredibly helpful for evaluating the designs online. They also provide specifications like materials and dimensions.

Placing an Order

After drooling over the selection for a while, I finally settled on a pair of greenstone earrings by Kiri Nathan. The greenstone (jade) design had beautiful earthy tones that I knew would pair well with my wardrobe.

Pamu’s ordering process was quick and painless. I simply added the earrings to my cart, and entered my shipping and billing details on their secure checkout page. I opted for standard international shipping which estimated 5-10 business days for delivery to the United States.

After completing my order, I received an email confirmation with my expected delivery timeframe and a tracking number. The email also included easy instructions for returns and exchanges should I need them.

Delivery & Product Quality

The earrings arrived 8 days after I placed my order, safely tucked inside an elegant jewelry box. I was impressed by the fast shipping considering they were coming all the way from New Zealand!

As soon as I opened the box, I could tell the earrings were superb quality, with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. The greenstone has gorgeous natural patterning and luminescence. The silver fittings are polished to perfection. And they feel substantial yet comfortable when worn.

I’ve received many compliments every time I’ve worn them over the past few months, and they still look brand new. It’s clear these are made to last.

Pamu’s Customer Service

While I didn’t end up needing to contact Pamu customer service about my order, I’ve heard from others that they are extremely helpful and responsive.

They offer guidance to help you find the perfect piece, provide order updates if you have any questions, and resolve any issues swiftly and fairly. From browsing their website and completing my purchase, it is evident they care deeply about providing an outstanding experience.

Why I Would Recommend Pamu

For anyone looking to discover exceptional designs from modern New Zealand jewelry artists, I can’t recommend Pamu highly enough. Here’s a quick recap of why it’s become my go-to for unique NZ jewelry:

  • Range of talented designers – You’ll find pieces from emerging artisans alongside established names, all carefully curated.
  • High quality materials & craftsmanship – The jewelry is made to last using top quality materials like precious metals, stones, pearls, and NZ materials.
  • Beautiful, contemporary aesthetic – The designs feel modern yet timeless, great for everyday wear.
  • Excellent customer experience – From purchasing to delivery and beyond, Pamu makes shopping fun and hassle-free.
  • Ships worldwide – No matter where you live, you can have some stunning Kiwi jewels shipped right to your door.

If you appreciate thoughtfully designed, well-crafted jewelry, I highly recommend you check out Pamu’s collections for yourself. I know I’ll be back soon to get my next Pamu piece! Pamu Store provides a captivating platform for customers to explore the rich and diverse world of NZ jewellery designers. From timeless classics to bold statement pieces, their collection showcases the talent and creativity of Aotearoa’s finest artisans. Whether you’re searching for a meaningful gift or treating yourself to a special treasure, Pamu Store offers a memorable shopping experience that celebrates the beauty and craftsmanship of New Zealand jewellery.


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