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Know All Things About UK Student Visa with Trivandrum Experts

Without any doubt, the UK is one of the famous places for study abroad. Whether the students are from Trivandrum or Mumbai, they opt for, the UK for studies. However, things are not as simple as it looks. In this, getting a UK student visa is one of the vital tasks where they face issues. It is where study abroad consultants Trivandrum or others assist them. The experts, with their experience and skills, make this matter simple for them.

Want to know more about study visas and how study agents aid aspirants in this? Read the below article and get all your answers. Moving forward, let’s first start with the types of visas the country offers to learners.

Types of UK Student Visa

The nation has a well-known name in the field of education. Having some of the famous colleges and universities by its side attracts many learners. As per the reports of the Department of Home Affairs, around 44000 students enrol for UK visas in 2022. In addition, in this, Indian students get the highest number of UK student visa. Moving forward, let’s know the types of visas the nation offers to foreign aspirants.

  • Student Visa:This visa is offered to students who come for higher studies in the country. It is generally known as a Tier 4 Student Visa.
  • Short-term Study Visa:The duration of this visa is around 11 months. It is perfect for those who want to do short-term courses like English language in the UK.
  • Child Student Visa:Like its name, the visa is for those who are between 4 to 17 years old. Students who wish to study on their own in the country apply for this visa. Generally, people pronounced it as a 4 Tier Student Visa for Child.

These are the several types of visas the country offers to foreign learners. It is vital to know the types of visas before applying for study in the UK. The government, on the basis of courses, offer it to students. In this study abroad consultants Trivandrum can aid them. With their understanding, they assist in opting for the right visa. Moving forward, let’s read the cost and eligibility of getting a study visa in the UK.

Cost and Eligibility for UK Student Visa

For studying in the UK, students first need to apply for a visa. However, it has criteria which they have to follow. In addition, it also includes some costs. Want to know about it? Read the below-listed points:

  • Students should have an offer letter from their applied UK college or university. In addition, the course name and duration should be stated.
  • Have financial proof that shows the learners can manage their expenses in the nation.
  • Also, the certificate of English skills with acceptable test marks in the country. Apart from this, they should understand the language in all formats.
  • Students who are less than 18 years of age need to submit a consent form signed by their parents or guardian.
  • Moreover, the price of a UK studentvisa is €363 (INR 37082). It is the fee of 4-tier general visas for learners applying from other nations.
  • Along with it, students also need to pay the sub-charge of healthcare. It relies on the time they stay in the nation.
  • In addition, through a master card, demand draft and cash, payment can be made for the visa. Also, if learners want to switch the UK visa type in the country, they need to pay €490 as a fee.

This is all about the cost and eligibility for a student study visa in the UK. Moving forward, let’s know-how study abroad consultants Trivandrum aid in getting a visa.

How Study Abroad Consultants Trivandrum Help in Getting a UK Visa?

The process of applying for a visa to study abroad is tricky. In addition, with lack of knowledge, can cause rejection, delays and more. In this one need proper guidance. It is where the role of study experts began. With their skills, they help students in getting visas with ease. Want to know how? Read the mentioned points:

Advice and Guidance

The study agents offer guidance to students in their whole visa process. In addition, they also aid them in selecting the right visa type as per their course. Also, they assist them in knowing the needs of visas, such as required papers, eligibility and more.

Document Preparation

Study abroad consultants Trivandrum, with their skills, aid learners in arranging papers. They certify that all the visa documents meet the criteria fixed by UK government. In addition, with their help, there is no chance of any mistake or error.

Application Submission

The study experts also assist aspirants in submitting their applications on time. Apart from that, they check all the details mentioned are right and in line. It fewer the chances of mistakes in the application process.

Preparing for Interview

The consultants help students in preparing for the visa interview. They advise learners on how to answer the asked questions. In addition, what to wear for the interview and how to speak there. Furthermore, their guidance boosts the confidence of learners. It assists them in having good interaction with the interviewer.

Follow-up and Updates

The study experts also take the follow-up of visa applications on behalf of students. In addition, they also talk with the officer on the place of learners. It assists in the fast processing of the visa application.


In case of any issue or challenge, the experts aid students. With their skills and experience, they handle the situation with ease. Also, they offer solutions to learners to overcome the problem. Moreover, with their help, learners manage the visa process without any errors.

These are the following ways study abroad consultants Trivandrum assist students with visas. With good details of the visa process, they make things simple for the learners. In addition, it also assists in the completion of the visa application without any mistakes.


Studying in the United Kingdom offers students with lots of chances. Whether it’s in their career, study or personal growth. In addition, getting a degree from a well-known UK colleges also boosts their CV. However, getting a UK student visa is not as simple as it looks. It includes a lot of processes. In this, having information about all the things is vital or it may result in visa rejection. It is where the study experts in Trivandrum guide learners. With their skills, they make all things simple for them. Furthermore, with their aid, aspirants fulfil their study dreams with ease.

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