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Know All About US Study Visa by Udaipur Experts

The US is one of the top nations for foreign studies. It receives a plethora of visa applications every year. Thus, the primary thing required to study there is a US study visa. The type of visa depends on your age and the course you are going to pursue. Moreover, F-1, J and M are three visas provided by the US government. This even requires submitting proper documents to reduce the chances of rejection. It is not tough to get a student visa in the USA. Yet, if followed, certain processes will help you get a visa easily. Thus, getting guidance from experts of study abroad Udaipur can make your work simple.

Read this article further to clear all queries related to US student visas.

Types Of US Study Visa

The USA offers 3 different types of visas to students willing to pursue their studies in the USA. The following are the visas provided by this country.

F-1 Visa:

It is a type of US study visa that gives access to academic learning. It includes studying from school to university level. The following are some places that require an F-1 visa:

  • University or College
  • High School
  • Seminary

J Visa:

This is to take part in a type of exchange visitor’s program. Experts of study abroad Udaipur confirm that you can study there with this visa. However, your field of study or activity must relate to your program. This visa is basically for:

  • Internships
  • Student Exchange Programs
  • Research Scholar Programs

M Visa:

It is a type of non-immigrant visa. The USCIS issued it only for vocational training in the USA. Moreover, this does not permit you to take paid employment. You can get help from study abroad Udaipur experts to find out more about this visa. Additionally, it is a must to prove that you will return after completion of the training.

After learning about several visa types, let us find out how to apply for them.

Visa Application Process for Indian Students

Here is a quick review of US study visa application process. These are crucial for you to follow while applying for a smooth process.

Get Your I-20

Once your application is accepted by a US university, you will receive an I-20 form. This form contains your study plans and all other information.

Pay Your SEVIS Fee:

You need to pay an amount of $350 as a maintenance and processing fee for the Student Exchange and Visitor Program.

Complete DS-160 Visa Application:

Every student needs to fill out this form to get an F-1 US study visa. Moreover, one submits it electronically to the Department of State website.

Schedule & Attend Your Interview:

After carefully submitting all required documents, you need to fix your interview dates. However, the complete process may differ with nations, so apply as soon as possible. Moreover, you need to visit the nearest US embassy to give your interview.

These were the steps required to apply for a visa. The next section provides the basic requirements for getting a US study visa.

What Are The Requirements For Visa?

A student visa needs many documents as compared to other visas. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to gather all of them before applying.

  • A valid passport
  • Copy of I-20 form by opted university
  • Printed proof of DS-160 form
  • SEVIS fee receipt
  • Visa fee payment receipt
  • Proof to show your finance
  • Mark sheet of academic qualifications
  • Test scorecards like IELTS or TOEFL

So far you only know the details of the visa. But, why do you need it? Of course to travel to a foreign nation for purposes like studying. Come let us see the benefits of studying in the USA.

Advantages Of Studying in USA

There are many perks of joining US institutes to complete your studies. This is because they offer top-class facilities and quality education to scholars. Below are the mentioned benefits of studying in the USA.

Academic Excellence:

USA ranks among the top destinations for students willing to study abroad. This is because many top universities of the world are present there. Those institutes are known worldwide for maintaining their educational standards. You can even get a chance to study there by seeking help from the best consultant for study abroad.

Diverse Programs:

Students can choose from several different courses. Scholars travelling to the USA have the opportunity to get varied degrees that may not be present in their nation. Moreover, they can even study two different courses together.

Cultural Diversity:

USA provides US study visas to students from multiple nations. Thus, you get a chance to study with scholars from varying backgrounds. This also lets you explore several cultures and traditions of the world.

Best for Researchers:

USA tops for its scientific and technical knowledge. Thus, it provides scholars with premium facilities like labs and research areas.


You know that the USA is among the top nations to study abroad. It provides the best facilities for students coming there. However, like every other country, you need to meet some criteria to be admitted there. Documents like visa, mark sheet, passport and financial proof are crucial to get admission. Moreover, visiting the best consultant for study abroad can help you arrange all with ease.

Moreover, students choose USA because of the perks they get there. Some of them include learning from the best universities and cultural diversity. So, all the best for your better future.

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