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Know about the Overseas Study Visa in Australia and USA

There are many nations to study abroad. However, the top options for students are either the USA or Australia. It is because of the quality of education and protection of foreign scholars. Moreover, these nations offer many courses to opt from. But their way of teaching is different from India’s. Also, the needs and application process varies from one nation to another. Studying there even requires a good IELTS score and an overseas study visa. However, a visa is a basic requirement for studying abroad. It adds up to a crucial document needed for foreign studies. Moreover, the process of getting a USA or Australia study visa is completely different.

Read this article to find out the process followed in both these nations.

The Australian and USA Educational System

If you decide to study in either of these nations, it is good for you to know their curriculum and pattern. Moreover, this will help you understand how to adjust yourself according to the nation.

Australian Education System:

It follows a unique way known as the Australian Qualification Framework. It specifies the standards of your degree. Moreover, it connects schools, colleges and universities under one system. Thus, it allows flexibility, more choices and better career planning. So, any abroad student needs to meet the criteria to study there. These include an overseas study visa, a good score in IELTS, funds and many more. There are 10 different levels of education in Australia. Moreover, an overseas student can study at any of them. However, the Australia study visa will differ for each level. Let’s see the perks of studying there. Perks of Studying in Australia:

  • Offers several scholarships to Indian students.
  • Focuses more on practical learning and making you job-ready.
  • Chance to enrol in vocational courses to apply directly to jobs.
  • Can take the benefit of two intakes per year.
  • Post-work opportunities. However, you need to apply for a subclass 485 overseas study visa to work after your studies.

This is what an Australian educational system looks like. Now you will see the pattern followed in USA.

Educational System in the USA

The USA allows students to start their learning after the age of 6. Generally known as the K-12 system, it includes Kindergarten through 12th grade. The system is separated into 4 categories that include primary, secondary, middle and tertiary. Even the institutions range from public to community. USA believes to have a small class size of not more than 20-25 students. Thus, it ensures an interactive and easy learning for all. Perks of studying in USA are:

  • Active social life on campus with clubs and organizations
  • Two intakes per year
  • Scholarship facility for Indian students
  • Offers cross-cultural diversity to students

The process followed in the USA varies from that of Australia. Even the needs of both nations differ. However, there are some similarities between the two. Both nations need visas. Moreover, the USA and Australia study visa are different.

Now we will see more about the visas of these countries.

USA Visa

Like other nations, the USA offers students abroad the opportunity to study in their own land. But you need to get a USA study visa first. It offers 3 types of visas based on one’s time and degree opted. The variety of visas are as follows:

F-1 Visa:

It is a type of visa that gives access to academic learning. It includes studying from school to university level. 

J Visa:

This is to take part in a type of exchange visitor’s program. Experts confirm that you can also work there with this overseas study visa.

M Visa:

It is a type of non-immigrant visa. The USCIS issues it only for vocational training in the USA.

Australia Visa

Just like the USA, this nation also offers 3 different types of visas. They are:

Student Visa (Subclass 500):

This visa permits you to enrol in and study any course or degree there. It even allows you to bring your family with you. You can also travel to and from Australia. Moreover, if you have a subclass 500 overseas study visa, you can work for 40 hours per week.

Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590):

It is a temporary visa. Moreover, you can stay until a student completes their studies. Thus, if you are a parent or caretaker of a student, you can avail of this visa. Moreover, you must be 21 or older and have enough funding to support yourself and the student.

Training Visa (Subclass 407):

Being a temporary visa, it is valid only for 2 years. You can get it if coming to complete workplace-based training in Australia.

So, get the right visa and chase your dream of studying there.


As known, the best nations to study abroad are the USA and Australia. They offer many courses and degrees to choose from for the students. This is the reason why scholars want to pursue their studies in those nations. Moreover, the system of education followed there attracts them more. However, some crucial needs have to be met to seek admission. It includes a passport and clearing tests like IELTS, TOEFL or GMAT. Moreover, the most important thing is a visa. But, it varies with nation, and even their process differs. Thus, the USA study visa is completely different from Australia. So, it is advisable to opt for the nation that suits you and arrange everything accordingly.

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