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Know About Academic Transcript by Trivandrum Experts

An academic transcript is the most common paper needed for university admission. In simple words, these consist of the marks of students they get in their studies. If you have a plan to study abroad, then these are vital papers. Most of the candidates do not know about them. To help them out here, the study experts have given complete details about it in this article. Also, the study abroad consultants in Trivandrum have mentioned the pros of having it.

So, without taking up too much of your time, let’s start with the article. It will provide you with all the details that you are looking for.

What Do You Mean by Academic Transcript?

The transcript is a document that carries the education marks and achievements of students. It consists of the subjects they studied, the marks they got and the time of their studies. Also, it is an official paper that is used to learn about their achievements. It always consists of the stamp of the educational institution and is printed on letterhead. In addition, it is a good way to show your study excellence in the subjects you are good at. Apart from this, people often get confused about transcripts as they have different names. Here are some names stated below.

  • Academic Record
  • Mark Sheet
  • Report Card
  • Transcript of Records (ToR)
  • Academic Certificates
  • Permanent Record, and more

In India, these are generally known as mark sheets. Moving forward from the academic transcript meaning, let’s read the things included in it.

Important Points Included in Academic Transcript

Generally, academic records carry a list of subjects that students study year-wise. Also, consists of the details of practical courses, that they have taken part in. All academic universities follow the below-mentioned format of these:

  • Name of student with surname
  • Name of the academic centre
  • Address of the academic centre
  • Board Name
  • Accreditation held by the educational centre
  • Roll Number
  • List of study courses
  • Name of the degree
  • Marks score in all the subjects
  • Graduation date
  • Stamp of the study centre
  • Duration of the study course

Apart from the mentioned details, colleges can also ask for other things. For example, the strength of the class in which you were studying, your rank and net marks. However, it is not vital that they ask these things. So before applying to any college, check its requirements. Also, study abroad consultants in Trivandrum are available for your help. Moving forward, let’s know the process of getting academic records.

How to Apply for Academic Transcript?

Here is the following process by which you can apply for the academic record.

To get an academic record, you first need to fill out a request form at your study centre. Academic officials can guide you through this process.

Apart from the request form, you also have to provide some vital documents. These include:

  • Payment Proof
  • Copies of your ID
  • Application form
  • Copies of your mark sheets and degrees

Through this process, you get your academic transcript. Generally, the study centre provides you with the transcript in 7-14 days or more. So, make sure you apply for it on time.

In addition, the process of applying for academic records can vary according to the college. Also, the colleges charge a fixed amount to give you the transcript. Apart from that, some universities can also asked to collect the papers from their offices.

Moving forward, let’s know the information included in these.

Information Included in Academic Transcript

As stated above, academic records serve as proof of your study journey. It contains all the vital details about your study achievements. Here is the key information that is included in the academic transcript.

Personal Details

The start of the academic record is determined by your personal details. It carries your name, date of birth, roll number and other things about you. This provides your complete details to the study officials. It further helps them in making the transcript with your academic history.

Institute Details

These also include the details of your institute and its logo. It makes others understand where you have passed out. In addition, it also boosts the credibility of the records. Also, it consists of the stamp and signature of higher officials of study center.

Subject List

One vital aspect of academic records is the list of subjects studied. This gives universities an overview of the courses you took and allows them to understand several expert areas.

Subject Marks

Along with every subject name, the transcript carries the marks that students gain. As per the institution, the marks can be in different formats, such as numbers, grades, and percentages. Also, through this, the universities know your expertise in each subject. It further helps them understand your subject interests, strengths, and weaknesses.


Apart from all these details, the academic transcript carries information on course duration. Through this, the colleges are able to know the time and effort needed to study specific courses. In addition, it assists universities in testing the workload and accuracy of students.

Collective Grade Point Average (GPA)

Many academic records also carry a collective GPA, which is the average mark you score in every subject every year. It makes it easy for the universities to know your expertise and ability in every subject. Furthermore, through this, they get an idea of your level of achievements.

Distinctions and Honors

If you have an award or achievement in your academic journey, it is mentioned there. It helps in showing your excellent performance in front of universities. Through this, your interests and abilities are also displayed in specific areas.

These are the details that the academic record carries. Apart from getting better chances in future, it helps in self-improvement. In addition, for more details, you can ask study abroad consultants in Trivandrum. They are always there to help you. Also, they can assist you in getting your academic record from your institution.


Academic record plays a vital role in every student’s study journey. They are like maps that show your strengths, hard work and achievements. But before getting it, first, you should know the academic transcript meaning. Students often get confused because of its several names. So having complete information about it can assist you in this. Furthermore, you can get help from institute officials for any guidance. In addition,  overseas education experts in Trivandrum are present to provide expert advice. Lastly, it is a crucial document for every person, and through this, they can fulfil their dream of studying abroad.

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