Is the Bajaj Pulsar 125 Still a Budget-Friendly Choice?

Since its launch, the Bajaj Pulsar 125 has been a well-known name in the Indian two-wheeler industry. The pulsar bike, which combines performance, style, and price, has gained popularity among riders looking for an affordable, powerful motorcycle. Let’s explore more to discover if the Pulsar 125 is still a reasonably priced choice now.

Power and Efficiency

Based on the Pulsar 150’s powertrain, the Pulsar 125 has a 124.4cc motor with a shorter stroke length but a similar bore. It is one of the most powerful bikes in its class, second only to the KTM 125 series, with 11.8 PS at 8500 rpm and 10.8 Nm at 6500 rpm. The ride is made more enjoyable by the engine’s rapid revving. It’s not the fastest in its class, though; in acceleration tests, the Hero Glamour FI beats it by a small margin.

Fuel Economy and Style 

In terms of fuel efficiency for its class, the Pulsar 125 delivers an amazing mileage of 50-55 km/l. It is a serious rival in terms of fuel efficiency. Its mileage is somewhat better than that of many competitors, including KTM bikes.

The bike keeps its recognisable Pulsar style, which is still appealing after more than ten years of existence. It has backlit switches and a semi-digital instrument cluster to further its appeal. Most riders can achieve an erect and comfortable riding position due to the low seat height of 790mm. The firmer seat cushioning, nevertheless, might make travelling long distances less comfortable.

Cost and Accessibility

Prices for the Pulsar 125 in India as of 2023 range from ₹80,416 – ₹94,138* (Ex-showroom in Delhi). With features like bigger rear tyres and gas-charged rear shock absorbers that add to the premium feel, it delivers better performance than its rivals.

The Pulsar 125 is a great option for riders who are serious about performance because it has more power and torque than some of its rivals at a higher price.

Performance Evaluations

Positive reviews have been given to the Pulsar 125, especially for its functionality, comfort, and style. Though that makes it less agile than competitors, its greater weight makes it more stable. The suspension system, consisting of twin shock absorbers and a telescopic fork, manages city streets and speed breakers easily, although it can feel rigid over sharp turns.

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Experience Driving

The Pulsar 125 has excellent handling, particularly in turns, giving it the impression of a bigger, more aggressive motorbike. Though typically good, the bike’s braking capability could be improved with more aggressive riding tyres.

Upkeep and Extended Life

The Pulsar 125 is renowned for its dependable operation and affordable maintenance expenses. The bike has a premium feel because of the high-quality plastics and other materials used, particularly in areas where touchpoints like the handlebar, switchgear, and levers are located.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Fuel Efficiency: Its great mileage renders it a cost-effective option for everyday transportation.
  • Performance: Excellent handling and rapid acceleration, especially around turns.
  • Design: Stylish appearance featuring an LED taillight and semi-digital instrument panel.
  • Comfort: Most riders find it approachable and comfortable due to its upright position and low seat height.


  • Price Point: A little more expensive than some rival brands.
  • Stiff Suspension: This may not be pleasant over uneven terrain.
  • Seat Cushioning: A firmer seat may impact Comfort on lengthy journeys.

The Bajaj Pulsar 125 is still an affordable option for those looking for a 125cc motorbike. A wide range of riders find it appealing because of its affordability, performance, and stylish mix, as well as its reasonable fuel efficiency and array of features. Despite competition, its well-established reputation and compelling value proposition keep it a viable and desirable choice.

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  • What attributes of the Bajaj Pulsar 125 make it appropriate for daily commuting?

The Pulsar 125’s fuel-efficient engine, pleasant ergonomics, and steady handling make it the perfect bike for daily commuting. It’s a useful and fun bike for daily riding because of its smooth ride and good mileage.

  • How is rider safety ensured by the Pulsar 125?

The Pulsar bike’s safety features, which improve rider security for everybody, include disc brake options for increased stopping power and CBS for effective braking.

  • Regarding its features and functionality, is the Bajaj Pulsar 125 reasonably priced?

Yes, the Pulsar 125 is an affordable alternative in its class that offers a mix of performance and affordability thanks to its reasonable pricing, fuel efficiency, and variety of options.

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