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Is It Possible To Restore Virginity Even After You Already Had Sex?

None of the women can forget the sexual intercourse that happened for the very first time. It is not only worth remembering because it happened for the first time. Rather, it is because of the first time interaction of the penis with hymen. But it does not at all mean that you can only get your hymen torn when you are having sexual intercourse for the first time. The hymen may get stretched open if you are using tampons in each menstrual cycle or you have opted to do some sort of vigorous exercise. But there are reasons for which the women want to graft together the torn hymen by using the hymenoplasty in India.  

So today we are going to study all the fundamentals which are related to the hymenoplasty

  • What is the exact connotation of hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a procedure that aims at repairing the torn grafts of the hymen by making them emerge in the correct shape. 

  • What is the total time taken by the surgeon to carry out the procedure?

The surgeon customarily carries out the whole procedure within 45 minutes. This is the usual time required to put back all the grafts together so that they give the perfect emergence as they used to possess before. 

  • What is the recovery time for the procedure?

The recovery time for the procedure is much quicker. It is ordinarily 1 week. In the exceptional and rare cases that the time may be comparatively more?

  • Why do women take up this surgical procedure?

There are variegated reasons for which women take up this procedure and these areas listed below:

  • Conventional point of view

According to the conventional point of view, the woman who is having broken hymen is not considered celibate. The conventional point of view is not worth considering because as we have already discussed that hymen doesn’t need to be always torn when women are having sex. Multiple factors are far away from the sexual aspect of breaking the hymen.  

According to the traditional typical people, the woman who has done sex before marriage is not as holy and she is not considered an ideal match for the boy who is still a bachelor. Out of the fear of being called unholy, the women are inclined to undergo this surgical procedure. 

  • Psychological rehabilitation

We are not unaware of the rape and sexual assault statistics. The woman who undergoes such incidents tends to suffer from a mental imbalance and when she approaches the psychologists, they are usually to refer to them with hymenoplasty. 

  • Is this procedure performed under anaesthesia?

Yes, this procedure is performed under anaesthesia because of the invasive nature of the procedure.


The expert team of surgeons and dermatologists in the VJS Healthcare clinic aims at venturing to impart virginity in the woman by restoring the broken fragments of the hymen. So if you are the one who wants to take up the virginity restoring procedure with no side effects and complications, then please count on us for the effective execution of the hymenoplasty.

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