Is Achieving a High Rank On the SSC Exam Without Coaching Possible?

Every year lakhs of aspirants eagerly wait for the SSC(Staff Selection Commission) recruitment notification to take the exam. However, the majority of the candidates believe that all these entrance exams are difficult to crack. Since they require sound preparation with clarity of each part of the exam. 

Next competition is fierce among youth to achieve their dream jobs in the government sector. So to stand out of the crowd you need to devote time to learning. Apart from this, you can join the coaching institute for additional assistance. But this post is mainly focusing on how to prepare for the test by doing self-study at home. 

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Follow the below study tips to crack the SSC exam without coaching:

Understand The Exam Syllabus and Format

First and foremost, complete your studies. The SSC is notorious for changing the SSC test pattern every few years. As a result, it is advised that you stay up to date on the exam structure and syllabus. Understand the strategy of the exam and prepare accordingly. Download the most recent SSC syllabus from the official website to get a sense of the exam and the best way to start preparing. SSC Previous Year Question Papers might also help you understand the test format and scope.

Create a Realistic Study Plan

The next to do is create a sound timetable for self-preparation. Create and stick to a study schedule that covers your subject. Estimate how much daily study time you can commit to preparation and choose two to three study hours per day, as it is not always possible to study at the same times every day. Rather than focusing solely on one subject, develop a study schedule or regimen for that subject. It is also recommended to read each subject chapter by chapter in rotation, as this leads to faster learning and optimum knowledge acquisition.

Effective Time Management

Finally, time is of the importance. Improve your time management skills to pass the exam. During the final test, you must decide how much time to devote to each component. Furthermore, you cannot afford to squander even one minute on any segment, or you will be unable to attend the next. 

Give Equal Weightage to Each Subject

The fourth step is to go over each exam subject separately. Before that, you must assess your knowledge of each subject. Then make a plan to cover the entire curriculum in the allotted time. Your cognitive and analytical abilities will be examined in the reasoning ability section. You may quickly crack it without having to remember any formulas. 

You must know the mathematical formulae up to the tenth grade to demonstrate quantitative aptitude. Solve papers regularly to improve accuracy. To earn good grades in English, you should also be familiar with grammar rules. Read every day to become acquainted with the sentence forms. The general awareness section has the highest score. You must be well-versed in current events throughout the world to do this. 

Do Multiple Times Revision

Fifth, go over your work again and analyze it. You must review what you have studied to establish your level of preparedness. Mock tests for the SSC are available for review. It will help you discover your strong and weak points, allowing you to perform more targeted research. Mock exams will also help you understand the real exam setting. Working through previous year’s exam papers and taking online quizzes can also help with revision.  

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Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, the gist of the above content provides you with in-depth knowledge on how to start preparation for the SSC exam at home without coaching.

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