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Invisalign or Braces: A Detailed Comparison to Choose the Right One

A Detailed Comparison to Choose the Right One: Invisalign or Braces

Almost 65% of Invisalign patients visit their dentist every year. A majority of patients deem orthodontic solution specifically. These days more adults go for Invisalign or braces treatment Cost London, Uk. They start giving value to their straight and beautiful smile and want to retain it at any cost.

If you are in need of any orthodontic solution and confused whether to choose Invisalign or braces then you are at right place. This blog provides a brief comparison between these two so that you can make up your mind. So, start reading it now.

What’s Invisalign?

Invisalign is the modern and innovation version of brace. The functional ability of this clear brace is identical to that of conventional ones. But there are some differences which make Invisalign very unique. The use of clear plastic material makes it invisible to everyone and its removable feature is a plus to its users. The treatment involves moulds of aligner tray that exactly matches individual jaw imprint. Anyone can use it as a mouthguard to exert gentle pressure and shift the teeth to their original position.

What are braces?

Braces are full of metal wires and brackets. Sometimes, dentist uses glue, rubber bands or wires to stick or tie the brackets with your teeth. Hence, jaw discomfort and sores and quite common. Earlier, there was same monotonous appearance with braces. Nowadays, braces are available with brackets of different colour and even clear so that it blends perfectly with natural teeth. The braces in London prices are also affordable if you compare it with Invisalign.

Invisalign or Braces

The aim of both Invisalign and braces is same, that is to correct orthodontic problems an individual experiences! They are excellent to use as teeth straightening solution. Although similar purposes, both of these come with different advantages and disadvantages.

Invisalign average cost

Cost is a key determining factor whether to choose Invisalign or braces for teeth straightening! The average braces cost in London is comparatively lower than the Invisalign. But, there is nothing to panic or raise your eyebrows! During the appointment with your orthodontist, you can come to know how much do you have to pay to get Invisalign or braces treatment.

Several attributes are there to affect the cost of both these treatments. If your dental condition is severe then naturally the cost will be high. The spike of cost can happen due to dental work costs in the city, location and experience of the dentist. Unfortunately, insurance plan may cost you more sometimes because of its coverage.

Treatment time of both orthodontic options

In contrast to traditional braces, the treatment period of Invisalign is relatively short! During the initial consultation, the orthodontist will take teeth impression. Then they will give you a 3D projection how the teeth will shift and how the final result will be in the end of the treatment. Accordingly, they will make customised Invisalign aligner for your teeth.

You have to put it on for 20-22 hours every day to ensure that the teeth regain its lost position. An aligner is intended to put on for a couple of week before switching to the next one in the set. Furthermore, you must keep visiting the dentist to monitor the progress of the treatment.

If complies perfectly, you can get desirable result within 6-18 months. However, it may differ depending on the individual requirements. On the other hand, braces consume 1-2 hours to fit the metal brackets and wires on the teeth. Once, it is over, the metal braces will be there for about 2 years and you cannot remove it at all.

When Invisalign is suitable for you?

If you notice there is a gap in between the teeth or somehow the teeth are not straight then it is the time you need orthodontic treatment. You need to visit an orthodontist to seek the ideal solution to such issues. Along with aging, teeth shifting is prevalent. But this issue can emerge other complex oral problems including teeth grinding and periodontal disease. As soon as you notice these issues, arrange an appointment with your dentist for the early treatment. Before that, you can find out the braces cost in the UK to have a rough idea and discuss with the dentist about the cost of your treatment accordingly.

Other advantages and disadvantages

The first benefit of Invisalign is its transparency. Due to clear and transparent material, there is no chance of embarrassment while undergoing teeth straightening treatment. The clear plastic material of the aligner depicts the same look of a mouthguard. You can easily put it on the teeth all over the day. Most people especially teens and young adults who are more appearance conscious choose Invisalign mainly for this reason.

Removability is another benefit of Invisalign Price London which makes it very popular amongst dental patients mainly with orthodontic problems. You can remove the aligner before drinking or eating. Therefore, there is no food restriction that you need to follow while undergoing Invisalign treatment.

Neither the food will get stick to the teeth and braces nor can you damage the braces. Moreover, the discomfort and pain is little to no with Invisalign Cost London. On the other hand, braces can cause severe pain in the mouth resulting in sores as well.

With Invisalign, there are very few limitations. Aligner tray may incur you more in London than the braces cost. Because of the removable feature, there is a high probability of breaking and losing the aligner. Also, you need to brush the teeth after each meal prior to put the aligner back into your mouth.

Give value to your smile with Smile Clinic London


Sometimes, traditional braces will cost similar to that of Invisalign. So, you must think carefully whether to go with metal or clear braces. Obviously, many benefits are there with Invisalign and a few setbacks are there too. The secret behind the huge success rate of Smile Invisalign Cost is your compliance with the treatment. If you will not keep putting it in the mouth then it won’t work as expected.

In case, you want to fix your smile by addressing crooked teeth and bite then visiting Smile Clinic London, Invisalign Provider in London is worthy. The dentist of this clinic is highly experienced and professional to take all your orthodontic problems into account and suggests the most appropriate solution. Go and get an appointment now!






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